Clarence (voiced by Sklyer Page)

In a world full of noise, Clarence stands out, a catchy tune played on a banjo with a jelly bean pick. Clarence's distinct perspective can transform any circumstance, however mundane, into the best day ever! His beliefs, outlook and experiences are all uniquely his own. Clarence leads with his heart, reacting to life with unfailing excitement and enthusiasm. He values his friends more than gold. Clarence loves everything because to Clarence, everything is amazing. He is most definitely the emotional third of this trio of friends.


Jeff (voiced by Sean Giambrone)

The only thing squarer than Jeff's head is his personality. He is a well-organized fountain of knowledge (mostly trivial factoids). Jeff wants to be a social butterfly, but he's too cautious to spread his wings and there's that long list of phobias to consider. Clarence's infectious enthusiasm offsets Jeff's fears and hang-ups; he can't help but have a good time when Clarence is around. Well, as long as it doesn't involve being dirty, sticky, wet or touched by ungloved human hands. Jeff is the cerebral third of this trio.

Sumo (voiced by Tom Kenny)

Sumo is a scrappy, streetwise kid who grew up on the right side of the wrong side of the tracks. When problems arise, Sumo's solutions are unorthodox and often messy. A wild card and fearless to a fault, Jeff is unpredictable, independent and often acts without thinking things all the way through. Sumo is fiercely loyal to his friends and always available. Jeff and Sumo are polar opposites, but Clarence bridges the gap between them. Sumo is the instinctual third of this trio.


Mary (voiced by Katie Crown)

Mary is Clarence's mom and exhibits a combination of rare patience, superior stamina and bottomless support. In short she keeps Clarence contained. Mary is a hairstylist at a beauty salon and a huge fan of Monster Truck rallies.


Chad (voiced by Eric Edelstein)

Chad is Mary's live-in boyfriend, a self-made guy and dude of all trades. He works one odd job at a time. Clarence and Mary have helped tame Chad's wild ways. Beneath his rough exterior, Chad has an enormous heart. A loyal partner to Mary and devoted father-figure to Clarence, Chad shares Clarence's optimistic outlook and enthusiasm for life.


Belson (voiced by Roger Craig Smith)

Belson is a bully in the Napoleonic sense—he's more likely to throw out a sarcastic quip than a punch. Part of a rather well off family, Belson is quite spoiled. Despite this, he just wants affection, attention and true friends.

Belson is just as smart as Jeff, but he devotes his intellect to sarcasm, rather than achievement. Clarence considers Belson his friend and Belson secretly likes Clarence back.


Chelsea (voiced by Grace Kaufman)

Armed with a morbid sense of humor and blunt honesty, Chelsea is one of the girls in Clarence's class. Her teasing scares Clarence and Jeff, but is a soothing balm for Sumo.