Adventure Time Fan Q&A


Things got weird at the Adventure Time question and answer session! Series creator Pendleton Ward (LSP) was joined by Jeremy Shada (Finn), John DiMaggio (Jake), Tom Kenny (Ice King), Olivia Olson (Marceline) Adam Muto, and head of story Kent Osborne to answer fan questions during the Adventure Time panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2013. The panelists covered questions about Fionna & Cake, Finn’s education, and where Princess Bubblegum came from. Check out all the answers below!

Will Finn and Jake ever go back to school?
Muto: Technically Finn should be in school right now.
Shada: Finn’s basically an uneducated dropout.
Kenny: …With a sword.
DiMaggio: Stay in school!

Some episodes end a little abruptly. Why is that?
Kenny: Lazy writing.
Osborne: We run out of time.
Muto: We just really like to.

Will we ever meet Princess Bubblegum’s mom and dad?
Ward: You will, but it’s going to be weird. It’s not what you’d think parents would look like.

Where was Hunson Abadeer when Simon and Marcy were wandering a apocalyptic wasteland?
Olson: That is a great question, and that’s why we have such an estranged relationship. He kind of had to deal with stuff in the Nightosphere for a minute.
Muto: That’s a big question mark. We probably will address it at some point. So I don’t want to tell you right now.

Will you ever make Fionna & Cake it’s own show?
Ward: Maybe. Maybe we will. You can say that to anything. Um, maybe.

Is Gunter going to have another baby?
Kenny: He has a date tonight so you never know. Wenk!
DiMaggio: If Gunter was here right now, I’d make a baby with Gunter.

What do Finn’s parents look like?
Shada: I’m guessing they’re human.
Ward: You’re going to find out real soon. Maybe.

In the episode “Simon & Marcy” is the giant pink glob a pre-evolution of PB?
Muto: It’s going to show up in the Adventure Time game [Because I Don’t Know].
Ward: We’re sprinkling it out. I mean, we’re not going to blow it at Comic-Con. But, you know, you’re onto something.

How did Jake turn into a magic dog?
DiMaggio: He turned into a magic dog because he’s magic. And he had it in him
Ward: That’s it. It’s canon!

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