Annoying Orange Comic-Con Fan Q&A


Series creator Dane Boedigheimer (Orange) was joined by Toby Turner (Neville), Justine Ezarik (Passion Fruit), Felicia Day (Peach), Rob Paulsen (Broccoli Alien Overlord) producers Tom Sheppard and Gary Binkow, Conrad Montgomery, and moderator Tom Kenny (Coconut) to answer fan questions during the Annoying Orange panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2013.

How is it transferring from web to TV?
Turner – It seemed like it was going to be less easy than it is. Everyone we work with is so passionate about what they do.

Ezarik – We’re so used to doing it all ourselves.

Toby, when you’re acting do you have to talk to nothing? How does that feel?
Turner – Usually I just talk to a dot, but I use the imagination thing

Kenny – They can’t run down to Ralphs and get an orange?

Turner – Budget cuts!

Is Marshmellow a boy or a girl?
Boedigheimer – Yeah, what is the deal with Marshmallow?

Binkow – We’ll reveal it in season 5.

What’s your least favorite fruit?
Binkow – Cumquat

Montgomery – Kiwi

Paulsen – Cherimoya

Ezarik – I just recently tried passion fruit. It’s not good.

Sheppard – I like all fruit except the ones I make cry.

Turner – Did you know cashew comes from a fruit? And it tastes bad so stay away, Americans.

Boedigheimer – I gotta go with pomegranate.

Will Orange and Passion get married?
Ezarik – Season 5.

Sheppard – We have a song coming up that addresses that.

Boedigheimer – It may happen.

Does Cartoon Network have any plans for an Annoying Orange movie?
Kenny – What do you guys think? Should we make a movie?


Toby, what was your favorite episode to be in?
Turner – I like the one where I’m in a giant robot and I’m just shooting missiles and everything. It’s a great way to channel my aggression.

Toby, will you ever actually read the script?
Turner – I read it real fast after they start recording.

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