Ben 10 Omniverse Fan Q&A

Yuri Lowenthal (Ben) was joined by actors Paul Eiding (Grandpa Max), Eric Bauza (Dr. Psychobos) supervising producer Matt Youngberg, art director Derrick Wyatt Steve Blum (Vilgax) during the Ben 10 Omniverse panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2013.

Will Ben get ultimate aliens in Omniverse?
Youngberg: He has the new Omnitrix, which is not an Ultimatrix. So currently he’s not, but you never know what will happen.

Will we see any of the Time War?
Youngberg: Stay tuned. We have some pretty cool stuff for you.
Wyatt: The Time War has happened, it is happening, and it will happen.

If you could voice any other characters, who would you play?
Eiding: Eric [Bauza] can do everybody.

Lowenthal: We constantly live in fear that Eric will take all of our jobs.
Bauza: I just like doing Tony Danza impressions.
Eiding: I love Dr. Animo. Anytime you do a character where you can just let it all hang out, those are really a lot of fun.

Will the Dr. Victor storyline be wrapped up?
Youngberg: Yes and no. When we came into Omniverse, we wanted to take time to address the things that had come before, but we also wanted to make sure we were using them as a jumping off point to continue to tell new stories.

Will you have another crossover episode?
Wyatt: We have a Secret Saturdays crossover that’s coming up this season.
Youngberg: A lot of cryptids in Undertown.

Are they going to find another Osmosian like Kevin?
Youngberg: All I’ll say is that Kevin is a very special Osmosian, and you’ll find out why.

Why did Ben 10 turn from a normalish cartoon to a really, really cartoony cartoon?
Youngberg: We really wanted to make it brighter and more colorful and more exciting. So we shifted the style to accommodate that idea.

What do you think of an Ultimate Nemitrix?
Wyatt: Sounds pretty cool.

When are we going to see Ben’s Big Chill family come back?
Wyatt: I think we’re still thinking about it.
Youngberg: Maybe you just let your children go in the Big Chill universe.

Would there be an episode where the bad guys finally get Ben’s Omnitrix and he has to fight as a human?
Youngberg: That does sound like a a cool idea!

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