Ben 10 Omniverse – Q & A With Derrick Wyatt

Hey, Ben 10 fans! Wanna get some inside information from one of the foremost authorities in the Omniverse? Join us for this very special Q & A with Derrick Wyatt, the Art Director on Ben 10 Omniverse. He’s behind lots of the awesome concept art we’ve been showing here on the blog. Check out all the cool, behind-the-scenes info Derrick shared with us:

1. What’s your role on Ben 10 Omniverse?

Art Director

2. What other projects have you worked on?

The Ripping Friends, ¡Mucha Lucha!, Teen Titans, Legion of Super Heroes, Transformers Animated, and Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated. I even did some designs for Ben 10 Alien Force including: Magister Prior Gilhil, Kwarrel, Attea, SevenSeven, Ma Vreedle and Magister Patelliday.

3. What were some of the challenges of adapting Ben and other characters to the Omniverse style?

The biggest challenge is that we are designing (and redesigning) a whole universe full of worlds and characters. The scope of this series is much bigger and more ambitious than what has come before. When we go to alien worlds, I don’t want to see the same background characters that hang out in Bellwood, and I don’t want them all to look like identical clones. So we get to see many distinct individuals, each that has their own life and story going on. Couple that with our main character who has around 70 transformations (and counting), and you get a whole truck load of pencil mileage that goes into each and every show!

Brazil - Rio de Janeiro city - favela da matinha - foto by Lew Moraes.jpg Subway Station Platform

4. What was your process for creating brand-new Omniverse aliens?

It varies from alien to alien, but generally we will come up with a new name or a power we want to do, then we design the character around the name or concept. Before we even worked on Ben 10, Matt Youngberg and I would often discuss what we would do if we ever got to work on Ben 10. So I had actually come up with the concept for and drawn sketches of Ball Weevil years before I even worked on Ben 10!


5. What’s your favorite episode so far?

“Oh Mother, Where Art Thou?”

6. Rook is a great character who adds a lot to the series. Was it hard creating a partner for Ben, and how did you figure out their relationship?

Design wise, Rook was pretty tricky. He needed to visually distinct look from Ben, and really be his own person while still working well with Ben, both visually and story-wise. Chap Yaep took much of the impetus designing Rook. Chap did a ton of different versions before we settled on the Rook we have today. Some of the unused early Rook designs even ended up in the show as residents of Undertown.


7. Who’s your favorite of Ben’s aliens?

Grey Matter


8. Who’s your favorite Ben 10 villain?


9. If you had the Omnitrix for a day, what would you do?

Turn into XLR8, get all my drawings and approvals done and go home early!

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