Comic-Con 2013 – New Comedies

Cartoon Network’s New Comedies panel at San Diego Comic-Con ushered in the next generation of animation! A lineup of awesome series creators showcased the three exciting, new comedies headed to Cartoon Network!

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Peter Browngardt’s series, Uncle Grandpa, follows a magical optimist who is both the uncle and the grandpa to everyone in the world. Uncle Grandpa travels around the world in a custom RV with his friends Pizza Steve (Adam Devine), Belly Bag, and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger solving problems in unusual ways. Browngardt said that show is based on his own family members and crazy childhood adventures. Get a first look at Uncle Grandpa. Watch a preview!


Steven Universe, created by Adventure Time board artist Rebecca Sugar, is about a goofy, energetic kid who is part of a team of magical guardians known as the Crystal Gems. Steven’s powers haven’t fully developed, but that doesn’t stop him from joining the fight with Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl. Music plays a big role in the show. Sugar performed the original song “Giant Woman” from the upcoming episode of the same name. Take a peek at Steven Universe. Watch a preview!


Skyler Page showed off his new series Clarence. The show follows an excited, chubby young boy on a wild adventure through childhood. Page said the show is like redoing his childhood only funnier and less sad. Check out the first look. Watch a preview!


All three new comedies are coming soon to Cartoon Network!

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