Dreamworks’ Dragons: Defenders of Berk – Hiccup’s Shield!

Since you’re Cartoon Network fans, it’s no surprise you’re watching the new season of Dreamworks’ Dragons: Defenders of Berk Thursdays at 7:30/6:30 central! You’ve also probably noticed Hiccup’s ingenious new invention that’s full of surprises: his shield! But can you remember what surprises it holds (so far)?

Grappling Hook
Who better to be Hiccup’s first test subject than Berk’s own weapons master: Gobber! Hug it out, guys!

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Gronkle Iron
When Meatlug spits up her new creation, Gronckle Iron, Hiccup jumps at the chance to add a layer to his shield! After Meatlug’s tummy settles down – meaning no more Gronckle Iron – Hiccup’s shield is one of the few indestructible side-arms left on Berk!


While on a nighttime adventure to Dragon Island, it’s almost as if Hiccup planned on running into Dagur the Deranged. When Dagur levels his crossbow, Hiccup answers back with his own crossbow hidden in his shield!


Berk is attacked by the cave-dwelling Whispering Deaths and the worst dragon of all: the Screaming Death! But thanks to the shiny Gronckle Iron, Hiccup uses his shield like a mirror to blind their sensitive eyes with sunlight!



Hiccup’s shield is pretty cool, huh? If you had one, what surprises would you add?

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