Marceline the Fashion Queen

Finn may wear the same shirt every day, but Marceline has a thousand years of fashion know-how. Take a look into Marceline’s closet for some of her best (and weirdest) outfits.


Just because you float when you sleep, it doesn’t mean you can sleep in your clothes. Get yourself some comfy PJs.
(Marceline’s Closet)


That giant bat monster look is WAY in this season!


Your vampire hair getting in the way? BAM! Pigtails. And you’re good to go!
(Memory of a Memory)


Even vampire queens have a pair of old ripped jeans in their closet. Good for a) rocking out, b) being comfortable, and c) getting a nice breeze on your vampire knees.
(It Came from the Nightosphere)


MEOW! We want this cat sweater immediately.
(Daddy’s Little Monster)


Teen Marceline looked pretty different. Hey, everyone has an awkward phase.
(Memory of a Memory)

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