New Comedies Fan Q&A


Get a taste of Cartoon Network’s upcoming comedies! Show Creators Rebecca Sugar (Steven Universe), Skylar Page (Clarence) and Pete Browngardt (Uncle Grandpa) were joined by Creative Directors Ian Jones-Quartey (Steven Universe) and Audie Harrison (Uncle Grandpa) and the voice of Pizza Steve Adam Devine to answer fan questions during the Cartoon Network New Comedies panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2013.

Where does your musical inspiration come from?
Sugar: I’m self-taught on the ukulele so I started out only knowing a couple of chords. I used to write a lot of songs for Adventure Time while I was cooking or hanging out with friends.

Do you have any plans for singing as Pizza Steve?
Devine: I’m not afraid to harmonize.

Browngardt: He raps. We actually are working on a karaoke video with all of the characters.

What’s your inspiration for Uncle Grandpa’s voice?
Browngardt: It’s a little bit of Bill Murray from “Caddyshack” mixed with Norton from the “Honeymooners.” And I think my Long Island accent adds to it.

Why did you pick the gems you picked?
Sugar: Amethyst is the most specific choice because I think of it as so rough and unpolished. It’s just got that abrasive texture which I thought was right for her. Garnet has so much sophistication, all the deep reds just felt right because she’s a mystery. And then Pearl, you never see one that’s unpolished. It’s always just fully formed, fully right.

Was Uncle Grandpa inspired by Doctor Who?
Browngardt: Audie is a huge Doctor Who fan. The RV is bigger on the inside.

Harrison: It is, it’s kind of like a Tardis. And I just love that kind of storytelling where you can sort of go anywhere.

Browngardt: We’ve got a few time travel stories.

Harrison: And there’s aliens.

Why is the Gem stuck in Steven’s belly button?
Sugar: He was the only Gem that was born.

Any chance of Uncle Grandpa getting an Auntie Grandma?
Browngardt: We’re actually still figure out what that is, but right from the get-go we were like, “this has to happen.”

How do you develop your own style?
Jones-Quartey: Just start. Just draw. Don’t worry about finding a style.

Browngardt: Style will find you. Look at the world and draw it the way you see it, then your style will come.

Sugar: Style is exactly like personality. When you see someone put on a personality or try to invent one, you can always tell. But if you don’t try at all, that’s how you have one.

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