Regular Show Fan Q&A


Regular Show panel moderator Matt Price was joined by series creator J.G. Quintel (Mordecai) Bill Salyers (Rigby), Sam Marin (Benson, Pops, Muscle Man), Supervising Director Sean Szeles, Creative Director Mike Roth, and Storyboard Artists Toby Jones and Calvin Wong to answer fan questions during the Regular Show panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2013.

The questions covered a huge variety of topics including Mordecai and Rigby’s past, Pops’ grandchildren, new female characters, and Thomas the intern’s future prospects. Take a look!

Will we ever see how Mordecai and Rigby meet?
Quintel: We will be looking into their past, and I can’t talk about it yet. We don’t want to ruin it for you guys. But we will be looking into their past.

If you could play anybody else, who would you play?
Salyers: Muscle Man is such an awesome character. I could never do it as well as Sam does, but I covet that character. The giant babies, too. I love the giant babies.
Marin: Eileen. But that would be impossible.
Quintel: You could get really good. You might be able to fake it.

Will we ever see Muscle Man’s mom?
Szeles: I hope so. I don’t know. It’s like a legend or something.
Marin: It would be a really fun episode for me to do.
Quintel: it’s possible, but that’s such a huge moment we don’t want to mess it up.

Will there be any female employees at the park?
Quintel: In the season coming up there’s a lot more of a female presence. There will be more girls, I can’t say if they’ll be working at the park.

Who is your favorite character?
Szeles: Pops.
Marin: I think mine is Eileen.
Quintel: I’m gonna go High Five Ghost. He’s going to be in the show more too. (As Fives) So you guys better get ready for that.
Salyers: I’m really enjoying Death’s kid, Thomas.
Roth: I think Skips is my fav.
Wong: I really love Benson and his backstory. How he used to be kinda cool like Mordecai and Rigby, but like life has just kind of crushed him.
Jones: Also Eileen for me.
Price: I love Muscle Man for his complexity and passion.

Will we see more of Thomas?
Quintel: He was always meant to be more like a real intern. Out of site, out of mind.

Will Thomas ever become Mordecai and Rigby’s boss?
Quintel: Interns can work their way to the top!
Price: Didn’t you start as an intern?
Quintel: I did start as an intern at Cartoon Network. I’m not at the top though. I’m kinda off the side.

Is everybody going to meet Pops’ grandchildren?
Quintel: I don’t think pops has any kids. But in a really weird episode he could maybe give birth to some out of his head or something.

Why couldn’t Rigby eat eggs in one episode, and in another episode he can?
Quintel: When Eileen is feeding him the eggs for the training montage those are Feggs, fake eggs everybody. And also it was a huge mistake.

Can Mordecai fly? He seems pretty aerodynamic.
Quintel: He’s more like an ostrich. He looks like he should be able too, but no he can’t.

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