5 Stages of Halloween Candy

It’s almost Halloween again: the spookiest, funnest, sugary-est night of the year! Been dreaming of all that candy since last November? Grab your pumpkin buckets, shopping bags, and pillowcases, ’cause you know how the night goes down.



Pre-Halloween excitement starts to set in the second it feels like fall. What will you get this year? King sizes? Pumpkin-shaped versions of your favorite chocolate? Stale oatmeal raisin cookies from that weird old lady down the street who smells like old socks? Gross!



The night is finally here, and as you put on the final pieces of your costume and take the first steps out onto the street, you know you have to get more candy than last year. So what’s the plan? Start earlier? Stay out later? Run full speed from house to house? You got this!

Counting What You Got


Aww yeah, you filled your bag or bucket all the way to the top, and now it’s time to sort through some of that sweetness. Do you group your candy by brand and flavor and make piles on the kitchen table? Or do you spill your whole bag onto the the living room floor and trade for your faves? Mmm… sour and gummy and crunchy and nutty!



Uh oh. Someone probably warned you about getting a stomach ache from eating too much candy, and now you feel like you never want to eat anything ever again. Always remember the golden rule of Halloween: don’t eat too much at once!

Life After Halloween


Are you someone who holds onto their stash until almost New Year’s? Or maybe your candy is gone after the first week of November. Either way, you’ve felt the post-Halloween slump, where all your hard-earned candy is gone. But don’t be sad! It’s never too early to start planning for next Halloween!


What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

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