6 Things to Look Forward to This School Year

Summer is coming to an end and that can mean only one thing… Back to school. But fear not! Your favorite Cartoon Network characters are here to remind you of all the amazing things that the school year brings.

Clarence_ShowAndTellShow & Tell
We all know that Show & Tell is just an excuse to brag to your classmates about all of the cool stuff you did this summer. Take a page from Clarence’s book and bring in something special! (Hopefully it’s less creepy than Claren’s doll.) 


Starring in the School Play
All that time singing to yourself in the mirror is about to pay off! Just make sure you don’t get caught picking your nose…


Science Experiments
Who knew chemical reactions could be so much fun?


Gym Class
Jump into the school year by showing off your sick athletic abilities. If Pops can do it, so can you!


Having Lunch With Your Friends

Take a break from learning and have a laugh with your friends goofing off and swapping food. Salmon bagels, anyone?


Okay, so no one looks forward to studying, but you could be the smartest kid in class if you make it a part of your daily routine. Besides, no one wants to look like Finn on test day

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