6 Ways to Have Fun During Winter Break

Ahh, winter break: that glorious school-free, stress-free time of year. Of course, eating delicious food, hanging with friends, and watching your favorite Cartoon Network shows are a must for these days. Wondering what else should be on your agenda? We’ve got you covered!

Get Outside

snow-tubingThe weather outside may be frightful, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in that fresh pow-pow! Let me hear you say it: Snow t-t-t-tubiiiiing!

Make Art


Winter break is the perfect time to make your brilliant masterpiece: your Mona Lisa! So grab the fanciest, biggest pack of markers you can find and dare to create that penguin warrior riding a giant cat head who is also riding a flying purple robo-dinosaur over a rainbow.

Cook Something


Art can also be made in the kitchen, but with food, you get to eat what you make! Check out our Holiday Cooking With Cartoon Network post for some mouth-watering recipes inspired by your favorite shows, and don’t be afraid to get crazy in the kitchen!

Shop ‘Til You Drop

shopping-spree…But we don’t mean just normal, boring, everyday shopping. It’s December: the ultimate shopping month! If you’re not throwing elbows trying to get the best gift for the holidays, then you’re passing up some mega huge deals. Wait… Is that the last BMO plush? GET IT!

Have a Sleepover

slumber-partyNo school means not having to wake up early, so grab your toothbrush, a sleeping bag, a pillow, your pajamas, some snacks, a movie, a projector for your tablet, that new dancing game, a foosball table, a slushy machine, a jacuzzi, an inflatable bounce castle… What? You want this to the best slumber party ever, don’t you?

See a Movie


Everyone knows that some of the best movies come out around this time of year. So what are you waiting for? Go! Go see them now! And make sure you bring your ninja outfit, because if you get stuck in a theatre with noisy neighbors, they’re going to get shushed, Ice Bear style.

What are you going to do over winter break?

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