[AD] Crayola Easy Animation Studio – Can Zombies Swim?


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We finally got our hands on the new Crayola Easy Animation Studio and had to show you what it can do.  With the Easy Animation Studio, you have complete control.

Ask a parent’s permission to install the free app and you can start playing with all the characters and animations, but it gets crazy when you start making your own animations!  (Message & data rates may apply.)

There are a ton of built in characters like aliens, pirates, and zombies, or you can create your own custom character using the templates.  When you’re done with your drawing, just tap “Scan Character” and the app will add your new character.


This is Manny, your secret for easily creating your own animations.  Just pose your mannequin and your can see the character on the screen match the pose.  It’s really fast to make your own moves and you can save and share the videos too.  Use a built-in image or snap a picture to use as a background for your animation.  Your own superhero doing karate at your school?  Check!  It even lets you record your own voice!

Really the possibilities are endless!  Now to just figure out what to make first… can zombies swim?  Time to find out!


Find out more at here!


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