The new movie, Pan, is coming to theaters everywhere October 9th. It’s the story of Peter, who is suddenly taken away to magical Neverland.

You ever wonder just how an orphan kid in London gets to Neverland?   Pirate ship. Flying pirate ship to be more exact. Ever wonder just how the Air Force would respond to a flying pirate ship? Well, they don’t like it very much, frankly.


In Pan, the British Royal Air Force, the RAF, thinks the flying Jolly Roger is an attacking enemy plane, so they send Spitfire attack planes to take it defend London. Unfortunately for them, this pirate ship has cannons.

Want a sneak peak of the battle? Checkout the new Pan: Escape to Neverland game. You can man a real pirate cannon and try to survive the RAF Spitfire onslaught.

Checkout the game and see Pan in theaters everywhere October 9th.

URL http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/promos/201509_pan_games/escape_to_neverland.html

This film is rated PG.



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