Think you’re a LEGO Games Master Builder?  Cartoon Network is featuring the best NEXO KNIGHTS games all week long, so you have a chance to show off your stuff.
Build your best game, and you might get some tasty internet fame.  Oooh, look at you!
So, who is today’s LEGO Games Master Builder?  INFINITE DILLON GAMER is our champion for today.   This game,ULTIMATE ESCAPE RUSH is going to take some strategy and skill.  Armor-up and go to battle!   Hint:  The Dash Attack is crucial.
700x350_Day4_Infinite-Ultimate_BLOG_GIF (2)
Think you can build better?  Go to LEGO Game Creator and check back to see if you were chosen.
BUILDER TIP – Make a mistake in your build?  No problem.  Just like with real LEGOS, you can undo anything.  While in Level Design, just use the Environment Tool to undo anything you’ve added.  Test your game to see what’s working, and then make changes in Level Design again until you’ve got it just right.
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