Battle Party Adds Cinnamon Bun, NEPTR, and Marcy’s Dad!

Just when you thought you had Battle Party figured out, three new juggernauts have entered the fray! Let’s take a closer look at the new Champions joining the party!

First up, it’s NEPTR. He was created with a singular purpose: To prank the pants off Jake! You better believe this Never-Ending Pie Throwing Robot can hold his own in the Battle Lab!


Next, we’ve got Cinnamon Bun. The dude always seemed a little half-baked, but Flame Princess made a true knight out of him. With his trusty lance in hand, CB is every bit as tough as Finn. Whoa, never thought we’d say that.


Hunson Abadeer is the Lord of Evil, ruler of the Nightosphere, and Marceline’s big, bad dad! When the guy’s not sucking souls, he’s stealing his daughter’s fries. Talk about pure evil!


You’ve got three new Champions to play, not to mention new outfits and backpacks! Why are you still reading this?! Bust it up, party peeps!

Join the Battle Party!

Who’s the best new Champion?

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