[AD] Be a Pirate With Clarence in Thirty Days & Seven Seas


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Ahoy, mateys! Check out our new Clarence mobile game, Thirty Days & Seven Seas! Based on the board game seen in the Clarence episode “Breehn Ho,” Thirty Days & Seven Seas features tons of dice-rolling, card-playing fun. It also adds combat to the mix, in the form of turn-based strategic battles against enemy pirates. Play as Jeff, Sumo, and Clarence in their pirate personas, Captain Blackhook, Crusty Pete, and Mr. Tobias J. Tobias. Each one has radically different attacks and can unlock and upgrade more skills. The game follows the trio as they hunt the legendary Kracken, and it features original voiceover by the cast of Clarence! So batten down the hatches, swab the poop deck and set sail for adventure with Clarence in Thirty Days & Seven Seas!

The Thirty Days & Seven Seas mobile game is available now on Apple and Android mobile devices. MSG and Data rates may apply. You must be 18 years or older or have permission from a parent or guardian.


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