Ben 10: Matt Youngberg Q&A

1. What’s your role on Ben 10 Omniverse?
I’m the supervising producer, which means I oversee all the scripts, directing, acting sound and music. The majority of my job is spent making sure the stories are told the best possible way I can.

2. What other projects have you worked on?
I’ve worked on Teen Titans, The Batman and Transformers: Animated amongst others.

3. What were some of the challenges of adapting Ben and other characters to the Omniverse style?
I think the biggest challenge was actually the fans expectations. We wanted them to know that even if it looked different we were going to stay true to Ben 10 and deliver the best looking, coolest versions of the characters that we could.

4. What was your process for creating brand-new Omniverse aliens?
It depends. Sometimes we have a name for a great sounding alien, and we come up with a design and power set for them after that. Other times we consider what powers we would like to see ben use and we come up with the alien to fit the need.

5. What’s your favorite episode so far?
That’s tough. A few stand out, like Ben 23 and the upcoming Rad, but I think I have to go back to “So Long and Thanks for all the Smoothies”. It really encompassed everything new we were trying to do with the show. It has that “Douglas Adams”-y feel that I shoot for with Omniverse and served as a great template for where we would be going to the rest of the series.

6. Rook is a great character who adds a lot to the series. Was it hard creating a partner for Ben, and how did you figure out their relationship?
Rook was one of the most difficult characters, because initially he was envisioned as a hard-bitten space ranger type, who frankly seemed like he’d overshadow Ben. We had to find a balance where Ben still could act like a main character and be at the forefront, but be partnered with someone who would facilitate him but also keep him grounded. When we came up with the balance of Ben being all experience no training, and Rook being all training and no experience, it felt perfect.

7. Who’s your favorite of Ben’s aliens?

Another tough one. I always like Rath, but Shocksquatch is up there too. We have some new ones coming up that I’m REALLY excited about.

8. Who’s your favorite Ben 10 villain?
As you can see from the episodes thus far, we don’t play favorites with the villains too much. We love them all! I love Vilgax. He has such a great relationship with Ben at this point. But if I had to be honest with myself, it’s Fistrick. He’s so ridiculously fun to write.

9. If you had the Omnitrix for a day, what would you do?
Fly. A lot.

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