Ben 10 Omniverse Profile: Grandpa Max

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Max Tennyson, better known as Grandpa Max, has been a valuable mentor to Ben Tennyson ever since Ben first discovered the Omnitrix. In fact, the Omnitrix was originally intended for Grandpa Max, but Ben stumbled upon it first.

Max is a legendary member of the Plumbers, a galactic peacekeeping force that protects planets from all sorts of alien menaces. Thanks to his background with the Plumbers, he knows all kinds of stuff about various alien species. He’s also an expert with many types of high-tech machinery and weapons.

Max is also known for his cooking, specifically how weird it is. While Max would argue he has a refined palate that’s open to tasting all kinds of bizarre alien delicacies, Ben and Gwen would probably say Max’s cooking is totally disgusting.

What’s your favorite Grandpa Max moment?

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