Ben 10 Omniverse Profile: Khyber

Khyber is one of the most skilled hunters and trackers in the galaxy. He lives for the thrill of the chase, and he’s always searching for more challenging targets. Khyber considers Ben Tennyson the ultimate prey, and he became somewhat obsessed with taking him down, studying all of Ben’s aliens and learning their strengths and weaknesses.


When Dr. Psychobos and Malware needed DNA for the Nemetrix device they created, Khyber was the natural choice to track down the most dangerous alien creatures and sample their DNA. Then Khyber’s pet could use the Nemetrix to transform into the predators of Ben Tennyson’s aliens. Khyber himself is also extremely dangerous. He knows many advanced fighting techniques and is an expert with numerous types of weapons. One thing is certain: with or without his pet, Khyber is not to be taken lightly.


What’s your favorite Khyber moment from the show?

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