Get Ready for New Ninjago!

ninjago-keyart-2014-(1)Ninjago continues with an all-new special event this Wednesday! The Ninja managed to shut down the Overlord’s power source, but a mysterious force rescued the viral villain. Are you ready for the Ninja to return? Take a look back at what’s happened so far this season!
Watch the Ninjago special event Wednesday, April 16, at 6:30/5:30c! Ninja go!

ninjago_ep2728recap_01After the Golden Ninja defeated the Overlord, the Age of the Ninja came to an end.

ninjago_ep2728recap_02Genius inventor Cyrus Borg rebuilt New Ninjago City.

ninjago_ep2728recap_03The Ninja became teachers at Sensei Wu’s Academy.

finalninjago_ep2728recap_04Then the Overlord returned, infecting the city’s mainframe.

ninjago_ep2728recap_05Cyrus Borg gave the Techno Blades to the Ninja.

ninjago_ep2728recap_06The Overlord used Zane’s schematics to build an army of evil Nindroids!

ninjago_ep2728recap_07Lord Garmadon became a good guy!

ninjago_ep2728recap_08Nya crushed on Cole!

ninjago_ep2728recap_09Sensei Wu was captured!

ninjago_ep2728recap_10Lloyd and Sensei Garmadon went into hiding to escape the Overlord’s minions.

ninjago_ep2728recap_11The Ninja knocked out the power to New Ninjago City, and deactivated P.I.X.A.L. in the process.

Are you ready for the Ninja to return?

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