Holiday Cooking With Cartoon Network

Hope you’re not still stuffed from Thanksgiving, because December is chock-full of the most yummy holiday foods. Not sure what’s on the menu this month? Why not try one of these delicious recipes?

If you thought Grandma’s chicken noodle soup was good, just wait until your family and friends take a spoonful of your homemade Burpglorp, courtesy of Starfire! The struggles of this Tamaranian treat in your throat make it tongue-tinglingly tasty!


Need to make a quick meal? Nothing’s faster than fast food, and Gumball’s Everything Sandwich is the fastest food around. Do your guest want seconds already? Coming right up! …Do we have any extra marshmallows and sushi?


Some recipes are easy to follow. Some take a few extra steps. In the case of Jeff’s famous Saffron Tagliatelle, you’ll need to do a little stomping and smashing to get that fresh, straight-off-the-kitchen-floor taste juuuust right. Don’t forget: the freeze frame high five is definitely not optional.


What better way to ring in the season than by cooking up a festive cupcake? It’s always hard to please everyone, so Panda and Grizz recommend making their signature Giant Cupcake with every topping possible! Sprinkles, strawberries, pistachios, cherries… Why not?

giant-cupcakeNeed a little something extra to go with your crazy awesome meal? Two words: Cheese Volcano! Shaggy and Scooby know that cheese is always the answer. So what shape will you make out of that creamy goodness? A pyramid? A car? The Statue of Liberty? Unleash your inner Michelangelo of dairy products and get creative!


Now that you’ve made the most epic holiday dinner ever, go take a breather and watch some of your favorite Cartoon Network shows. You deserve it. Just make sure you clean the kitchen first!

What’s your favorite holiday food?

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