Okay game developers, ready to show the world that you know good gaming?  Make your best NINJAGO® game in the LEGO® GAME CREATOR, for a chance to get internet famous.
LEGO® GAME CREATOR lets you build and play your own games.  Now, make a NINJAGO® game, and you might get called out here, as a MASTER LEGO® GAME BUILDER!
Need some inspiration?  Check out our first MASTER LEGO® GAME BUILDER.   DUBIOUS SCOOTER MANTIS has built an amazing game, ULTIMATE AMAZING ADVENTURE!
Master Chen has some great powers:
·       Scepter Swing
·       Transforms Enemies into Elemental Shields
Play this game and make your own here.
BUILDER TIP – Map out your game with a goal.  Are you going to make gamers run the gauntlet of enemies or is collecting difficult crystals more your thing?  Either way, think about the path your heroes need to run as you build.  Want to make your game really tough, which not make the goal to collect all the crystals AND battle all the enemies?
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