Ten Facts About Ben 10: Alien X


Alien X is arguably Ben Tennyson’s most powerful alien, but he’s also kind of mysterious. In case you were wondering what’s up with this incredible alien, here are ten facts about Alien X:

1. Ben knows just how powerful Alien X can be. In fact, Ben is often reluctant to change into Alien X because he worries about the responsibility that comes with that much power.


2. Alien X has three distinct personalities: Serena, Bellicus and Ben. All three speak in unison when Alien X speaks.


3. Serena is the voice of love and compassion.

4. Bellicus is the voice of rage and aggression, although he’s quite powerless on his own.


5. In order for Alien X to perform any action, including simple movement, at least two of his three personalities must agree. That’s why Alien X often looks frozen—his personalities are debating the best course of action!


6. Alien X can warp reality, time or space to any degree he wants.

7. Alien X is so powerful that even his thoughts can become real!


8. One of the best examples of Alien X’s unfathomable power is when he willed a new universe into existence after the previous universe was destroyed.

9. It is suspected that Alien X could potentially have his powers absorbed by beings like Osmosians or Darkstar, although that has never happened yet.


10. Unlike many of Ben’s forms, Alien X has five fingers.

What’s your favorite thing about Alien X?

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