Total Drama: The Latest Elimination – Day 3

In case the title of this post didn’t get the point across, we’re going to be talking about the latest contestant eliminated from Total Drama Pahkitew Island. So if you haven’t watched the last episode, and you don’t want to have anything spoiled for you, then you should stop reading right now. Otherwise, keep reading and join the discussion about the latest competitor to face the Cannon of Shame!


Rodney has gone through a rollercoaster of emotions this season, falling in love with girls on his team at the drop of a hat and becoming a stammering fool anytime he tried to talk to them. At various times, he had crushes on Amy, Jasmine and Scarlett, even though none of them cared about Rodney or even knew he liked them. In the latest challenge, he angered Clucky the chicken, which led to a shocking final round for his team, and that’s why they voted Rodney off the island.

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What did you think of Rodney?

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