Total Drama: The Latest Elimination – Day 4

In case the title of this post didn’t get the point across, we’re going to be talking about the latest contestant eliminated from Total Drama Pahkitew Island. So if you haven’t watched the last episode, and you don’t want to have anything spoiled for you, then you should stop reading right now. Otherwise, keep reading and join the discussion about the latest competitor to face the Cannon of Shame!



Everybody was surprised when Amy popped up towards the end of the challenge, but they were even more surprised when they learned her twin sister, Samey, had been pretending to be Amy all this time. With her deception exposed, the team wasn’t too happy with Samey anymore, and they voted her off the island. Chris got to do a 2-for-1 Special Cannon of Shame and fire BOTH twin sisters in a single shot. Think the drama’s over now that the bickering twins are gone? Nothing could be farther from the truth.

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What did you think of Samey?

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