You’re Famous, Fiery Andrea Icicle!

Hey, Fiery Andrea Icicle! You’re a fan of Adventure Time and Steven Universe, especially the strong female characters. We think that’s pretty awesome, and that’s why we’re making you FAMOUS! Congratulations! You’re Cartoon Network’s User of the week.
Fiery_Andrea_IcicleFiery Andrea Icicle is super excited about next week’s season premiere of Adventure Time and she has been spreading that excitement all over the Blog Comments and Adventure Time forums. But what really made Fiery Andrea Icicle stand out was how much she admires Adventure Time’s Flame Princess and Steven Universe’s Pearl. She’s always quick to point out both character’s strengths and even quicker to celebrate their victories. No matter what, Fiery Andrea Icicle is always rooting for them to succeed! Check out Fiery Andrea Icicle’s profile


In the mood for a challenge starring your favorite taking video game console? Well, you’re in luck, because Fiery Andrea Icicle’s BMO Brave Fight is pretty awesome. The game is swarming with enemies, so watch out!


And don’t forget to check out Fiery Andrea Icicle’s MiXiT Fun Music Tune. It features great jams, cool characters, and a party that can’t be missed.

Any cartoon network character would be lucky to have you in their corner, Fiery Andrea Icicle. You’re awesome!

Wanna be famous? Post comments in Cool & New, build a game in the Adventure Time Game Creator, or make an outstanding MiXiT. Do something awesome, and you might just be famous next week!

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