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Exosuits & Factions

Which faction will you choose?

Exonaut Academy was founded to protect the Cartoon Network Universe. But its founders disagreed on the best strategy, so they split into two factions, or teams. The members of Atlas Brigade thought it was better to focus on strength and power, while the members of Banzai Squadron thought speed and agility were more important.

You're free to join either faction, but choose wisely, because you'll only be able to use your own faction's exosuits.

  • Phantom

  • Sentinel

  • Behemoth

  • Ult. Humungousaur

  • Gwen

  • Jake

  • Van Kleiss

  • NRG

  • Rath

  • Bling Bling Boy

  • Gumball

  • Skalamander

  • Chowder

  • Mojo Jojo

  • Four Arms

  • Agent Six

  • Princess Bubblegum

  • Ult. Cannonbolt

  • Grim

  • Dexter

  • Vilgax

  • Alien X

  • Lumpy Space Princess

  • Rigby

  • Penny

  • Ben 10 Atlas

  • Elite Rath

  • Elite Mojo Jojo

  • Ninja

  • Tempest

  • Dragon

  • Finn

  • Marceline

  • Rex

  • Ult. Big Chill

  • Mordecai & Rigby

  • Manus

  • Johnny Test

  • Darwin

  • Ult. Echo Echo

  • Bobo

  • Flapjack

  • Ult. Swampfire

  • Biowulf

  • Corus

  • Ice King

  • Heatblast

  • Power Puff Girls

  • Samurai Jack

  • Ultimate Kevin

  • Beemo

  • Skips

  • Tina

  • Ben 10 Banzai

  • Elite Marcline

  • Elite Manus

Every exosuit has its own strengths and weaknesses, so look for ones that fit your style or reflect your favorite character

And remember: Every time you play Project Exonaut, you're contributing to your faction's progress in the overall standings.


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As you play matches, you'll earn XP and credits. You'll earn more when you win, of course, but you'll always earn something. XP stands for experience points, which allow you to level up, gain new ranks and unlock new exosuits for you to purchase with your credits.


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When you go into battle, you can choose from four different weapons, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. By default, you'll always have a Bulldog energy pistol and Helix Grenades. Every map also has powerful heavy weapons you can pick up, but you'd better be quick before the enemy grabs them!

  • Marksman

    The Marksman specializes in taking down single opponents from long range.

  • Wildfire

    The Wildfire sprays so many shots so quickly it can overwhelm unsuspecting enemies.

  • Tridex

    Featuring a balance of damage, range and speed, the Tridex fires three shots in a wide angle.

  • Ballista

    When the short range Ballista scores a hit, it can devastate nearby opponents.

  • Bulldog

    Every exosuit uses the Bulldog energy pistol as a backup sidearm because it never runs out of ammo.

  • Helix Grenades

    All exosuits can throw Helix Grenades, compact spheres that explode in a burst of Helix energy.

Heavy weapons appear on the map. Stay near them for a short time to pick them up. After you use up your heavy weapon ammo, you'll automatically change to your Bulldog pistol.

  • Longshot

    The Longshot can zoom in on enemies and deal heavy damage from a safe distance.

  • Rocket Pod

    The Rocket Pod can sway the tide of battle with its massive explosions.

  • Helix Cannon

    The Helix Cannon launches Helix Grenades with great range and accuracy.

Every map has boosts you can pick up to become tougher, faster, stronger or even invisible. Stay near a boost icon for a short time to pick it up. You can only pick up one personal boost at a time, but team boosts can still affect you.

  • Damage Boost

    Increases your damage.

  • Team Damage Boost

    Increases damage for your entire team.

  • Speed Boost

    Increases your speed.

  • Team Speed Boost

    Increases speed for your entire team.

  • Shield Boost

    Increases your shield, meaning you take less damage.

  • Team Shield Boost

    Increases shields for your entire team.

  • Stealth Boost

    Make you invisible. Attacking makes you visible again for a moment.

  • Random Crate

    Gives you a random boost


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Missions are special tasks that reward you with bonus XP and credits when you complete them. There are tons of different missions, and you'll also earn a collectible medal for each mission you finish

Project Exonaut

Project Exonaut lets you play multiplayer battles against your friends online in awesome exosuits based on your favorite Cartoon Network characters!