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Set in the FusionFall universe, the game lets you play as Cartoon Network's greatest heroes, like Finn, Mordecai, Dexter, Gumball and Four Arms. Choose your favorite Hero and bash the bad guys, either on your own or with a party of four players. Collect loot to unlock even more Heroes with unique stats and abilities.

When Planet Fusion attacked the Cartoon Network universe, a legion of kids rose up to help defend the world. But what were your favorite Cartoon Network characters up to? It turns out they decided to fight the fusion monsters right at their source! When they weren't busy helping the resistance, Cartoon Network's greatest heroes formed small, co-op fireteams to assault the fusion spawning grounds. If they succeeded in their missions, they would strike a huge blow against Lord Fuse and his army of evil minions. Empowered by the rare element Dextronium, the heroes aim to destroy these monsters and take back their planet.

You can play as your favorite Cartoon Network Heroes from shows like Adventure Time, Ben 10, Regular Show, Gumball, and even classic shows like Dexter's Laboratory! Which Hero will you be?

Each Hero has different stats and abilities that make them unique from all the others. Some are common, while some are rare--can you collect them all?

Play Solo mode to fight fusion monsters on your own, or join a Multiplayer Party for crazy co-op action in groups of four. More teammates means more monsters, more loot and more fun!

You'll battle the bad guys on a multitude of maps from all across the Cartoon Network universe. Get to know each map and what kinds of monsters you'll find there to get an edge on your competition.

FusionFall Heroes  

Choose your favorite Cartoon Network Hero and team up to battle the bad guys. Set in the FusionFall universe, the game lets you play as Cartoon Network's greatest heroes. Play FusionFall Heroes and more multiplayer action games on Cartoon Network.