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You can use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move around. Or just left click where you want to go.

Left click on any bad guys you want to attack. Hold down the left mouse button to keep attacking, and you'll start an attack combo. Attack combos do more damage and score more points.

As you attack bad guys, you'll build up Dextronium. When you have at least 1 unit full, you can right click or press Space Bar to do a Power Attack. When you have all 5 units full, you can right click or press Space Bar to do an awesome Super Attack!

You can play Solo missions by yourself, or Party missions with three other players. The more players you have in your Party, the tougher the bad guys and the bigger the rewards you'll get! Either way, a mission will have several waves of monsters you have to defeat, plus a gigantic boss battle!

After you finish a mission, you'll get a bonus score in several different areas:

FusionFall Heroes is all about the loot! Practically everything you do, from beating bad guys to bashing crates, will earn coins. Use those coins in the Shop to buy Eggs, which can unlock new Heroes or make existing Heroes more powerful.

You never know exactly what'll be in an Egg, but it's always something good! If it's a new Hero, you'll add that Hero to your lineup. If it's a Hero you already own, that Hero will rank up and become even more powerful! More expensive Eggs are more likely to contain rare Heroes.

There are tons of different Heroes to collect, each with different stats, abilities and fighting styles! All those different weapons, hats and costumes aren't just for show--they make each Hero play in a totally unique way. Try them all to find your favorite!

You can earn medals for extraordinary performance in a mission, including:

You'll battle fusion monsters in lots of cool locations, like Dex Labs, Pokey Oaks, a spooky graveyard, an abandoned temple, a treacherous junkyard and more.

FusionFall Heroes  

Choose your favorite Cartoon Network Hero and team up to battle the bad guys. Set in the FusionFall universe, the game lets you play as Cartoon Network's greatest heroes. Play FusionFall Heroes and more multiplayer action games on Cartoon Network.