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Numbah One

Nigel Uno, a.k.a "Numbah One," is the leader of the Kids Next Door and the embodiment of its principles. He is a master tactician who devises elaborate plans for taking down the adults.

Numbuh Two

Hoagie P. Gilligan Jr., a.k.a. "Numbuh Two," loves airplanes and builds all kinds of cool flying machines. He may be a mechanical genius, but common sense appears to be missing from his toolbox.

Numbuh Three

Kuki Sanban, a.k.a, "Numbuh Three," is short on attention but long on charm. This cute, happy-go-lucky girl is willing to do anything to help the Kids' cause...if she can just remember what that thing is.

Numbuh Four

Wallabee Beatles, a.k.a "Numbuh Four," is brash, impulsive and a combat expert. Even though his blind enthusiasm can wreak havoc with their plans, the other Kids see him as an unstoppable enforcer.

Numbuh Five

Abigail "Abby" Lincoln, a.k.a. "Numbuh Five," is the team spy whose specialty is doing super sneaky work. Aside from Numbuh One, Numbuh Five may be the only KND member with any common sense.

Gramma Stuffum

This ogre of an old lady thinks kids are way too skinny nowadays, so she has made it her mission to fatten them up to obese proportions. With her evil cooking skills, she can bring food to life.


By day, Dr. Sigmund Teef is an ordinary dentist. But by night, he becomes Knightbrace and hunts down rotten-mouthed kids to perform painful and unnecessary dental procedures.

The Delightful Children

This goody-goody team of five devious, well mannered English children are arch rivals to the Kids Next Door. Why? Because they are snotty brats who do anything that Father tells them to do.


The self-proclaimed "Stickiest Pirate to Ever Sail the Suburbs" and his sweet-toothed crew sail their ship, "The Sweet Revenge," through the neighborhood and rob kids of their treasured candy.