Secret Mountain Fort Awesome
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Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is a total monument to bro-hood that the guys live in. We couldn't call it awesome if it wasn't. That'd be illegal!


Dingle is like the household pet. Like any family's pet dog, he's faithful, slobbery, and speaks in a way that only the guys can understand.


Slog is the most loyal out of all of the guys, so the more dangerous and idiotic an idea is, the more Slog wants to do it.

The Fart

The Fart's warmth and kindness are a breath of fresh air compared to the others' loud and brash ways. He just wants to be accepted and have the world know he's a real gas.


Gweelok is a nerdy, techno-whiz, who thinks he's smarter than all the other bros combined - and he's right! When he doesn't get his way, he can drive everyone crazy.


Festro is the ultimate party animal. He'll do anything for his bros. Anything! Even when they ask him not to. Can't the humans understand, he's just trying to have some fun?!