The Kevin bot likes to get up close and personal with uppercut punches and powerful throws.

Special Moves: Uppercut, Leap Kick Super Move: Sky Throw


The Manus bot can attack from many angles or launch its opponent into the air with a sliding attack.

Special Moves: Rapid Fire, Lance Launcher Super Move: Corus Beam

Van Rook

The Van Rook bot can take opponents by surprise with a teleporting sneak attack and explosive grenades.

Special Moves: Concussion Grenade, Sneak Attack Super Move: Air Strike


The Munya bot's moves include powerful charges across the screen and a sticky web to snare enemies.

Special Moves: Dash Punch, Aerospike Super Move: Web Snare

Zak Saturday

The Zak Saturday bot has a lot of reach and can finish off opponents with a powerful beam attack.

Special Moves: Whip Claw, Cyclone Kick Super Move: Cryptid Beam


The Duncan bot is a very offensive fighter that can juggle unwary opponents with ease.

Special Moves: Ground Pound, Hooligan Kick Super Move: Megaton Punch


The Flapjack bot can call on Bubbie for assistance or even drop a whole ship on its opponent.

Special Moves: Hey, Bubbie!, Flap Flop Super Move: Friend-Ship


The Chowder bot has a mix of offensive and defensive moves that often include help from Kimchi.

Special Move: Chowder Charge, Kimchi Cover Super Move: Stink From Above


The Chef bot throws a variety of projectiles and has a sliding kick with deceptively long range.

Special Moves: Everything But..., Grease Kick Super Move: Kitchen Sink


The Shnitzel bot can attack from the ground or take to the skies to crush its opponents.

Special Moves: Ground Cake, Rock Crusher Super Move: Whirl of Pain


The Vilgax bot has a powerful projectile and a kick that hits opponents on the ground or in the air.

Special Moves: Ruby Ray, Cyber Kick Super Move: Eye of Destruction

Johnny Test

The Johnny Test bot is good at controlling space with hurricane winds and a super quick slide.

Special Moves: Hurricane Hands, Super Slide Super Move: Power Poot


The Finn bot uses Jake to surprise its opponents with aerial attacks and quick movements.

Special Moves: Look Out Below!, Sidekick Swing Super Move: Adventure Ax


The DNAlien bot has multiple moves that can trap its enemies while it moves in for bigger attacks.

Special Moves: Goo Spit, Tentacle Grab Super Move: Orbital Assault

Ultimate Humungousaur

The Ultimate Humungousaur bot likes to throw enemies in the air and then stomp them into the ground.

Special Moves: Humungo-Slam, Seismic Stomp Super Move: Missile Burst


The Swampfire bot can throw out a flurry of fireballs or summon plants to attack its enemies.

Special Moves: Fireball, Vine Spike Super Move: Inferno Blast


The Rath bot uses brute strength and vicious claw attacks to dominate its opponents.

Special Moves: Shockwave Punch, Tiger Claw Super Move: Lemme Tell Ya Something!

Big Chill

The Big Chill bot uses extreme cold to freeze its opponents in place for some chilling combo moves.

Special Moves: Cold Rush, Chill Out Super Move: Ice Quake


The Armodrillo bot can drill through the earth or leap through the air to attack its enemies.

Special Moves: Earth Drill, Terra Firma Super Move: Mega Drill

Ultimate Echo Echo

The Ultimate Echo Echo bot uses sound waves as both projectiles and defensive barriers.

Special Moves: Sonic Disc, Sound Barrier Super Move: Echo Chamber

Ultimate Big Chill

The Ultimate Big Chill bot can immobilize its enemies with ice flames that are so cold they burn.

Special Moves: Ice Flames, Freezing Fire Cloud Super Move: Frost Inferno


The Generator Rex bot uses a mix of melee and ranged attacks to cover any and every situation.

Special Moves: Smackhands, Slam Cannon Super Move: The B.F.S.

Agent Six

The Agent Six bot can throw swords to keep its enemies at bay or dash in for quick combo attacks.

Special Moves: Katana Throw, Sliding Strike Super Move: Magnetic Wave


Don't let the smile fool you. With its blasters and monkey agility, Robo Bobo is every bit as dangerous as the original.

Special Moves: Bobo Blasters, Monkey Business Super Move: Bobo Bombs

Van Kleiss

The Van Kleiss bot dominates its enemies with nanite-powered melee attacks.

Special Moves: Abysus Arm, Nanite Grapple Super Move: EVO Attack


The Clockwork bot can freeze opponents in time and finish them off with a powerful beam attack.

Special Moves: Time Stop, Temporal Jump Super Move: Chrono Blast

Upgrade Rex

The Upgrade Rex bot likes to grab enemies from the air and pound them into the ground.

Special Moves:
Blastcaster, Funchucks
Super Move:
Boogie Pack Bola


The Shocksquatch bot uses long-range electrical blasts to keep its enemies off balance.

Special Moves:
Ball Lightning, Electrosphere
Super Move:
Tesla Tower