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The Kevin bot likes to get up close and personal with uppercut punches and powerful throws.

Special Moves: Uppercut, Leap Kick Super Move: Sky Throw


The Manus bot can attack from many angles or launch its opponent into the air with a sliding attack.

Special Moves: Rapid Fire, Lance Launcher Super Move: Corus Beam

Van Rook

The Van Rook bot can take opponents by surprise with a teleporting sneak attack and explosive grenades.

Special Moves: Concussion Grenade, Sneak Attack Super Move: Air Strike


The Munya bot's moves include powerful charges across the screen and a sticky web to snare enemies.

Special Moves: Dash Punch, Aerospike Super Move: Web Snare

Zak Saturday

The Zak Saturday bot has a lot of reach and can finish off opponents with a powerful beam attack.

Special Moves: Whip Claw, Cyclone Kick Super Move: Cryptid Beam


The Duncan bot is a very offensive fighter that can juggle unwary opponents with ease.

Special Moves: Ground Pound, Hooligan Kick Super Move: Megaton Punch


The Flapjack bot can call on Bubbie for assistance or even drop a whole ship on its opponent.

Special Moves: Hey, Bubbie!, Flap Flop Super Move: Friend-Ship


The Chowder bot has a mix of offensive and defensive moves that often include help from Kimchi.

Special Move: Chowder Charge, Kimchi Cover Super Move: Stink From Above


The Chef bot throws a variety of projectiles and has a sliding kick with deceptively long range.

Special Moves: Everything But..., Grease Kick Super Move: Kitchen Sink


The Shnitzel bot can attack from the ground or take to the skies to crush its opponents.

Special Moves: Ground Cake, Rock Crusher Super Move: Whirl of Pain


The Vilgax bot has a powerful projectile and a kick that hits opponents on the ground or in the air.

Special Moves: Ruby Ray, Cyber Kick Super Move: Eye of Destruction

Johnny Test

The Johnny Test bot is good at controlling space with hurricane winds and a super quick slide.

Special Moves: Hurricane Hands, Super Slide Super Move: Power Poot


The Finn bot uses Jake to surprise its opponents with aerial attacks and quick movements.

Special Moves: Look Out Below!, Sidekick Swing Super Move: Adventure Ax


The DNAlien bot has multiple moves that can trap its enemies while it moves in for bigger attacks.

Special Moves: Goo Spit, Tentacle Grab Super Move: Orbital Assault

Ultimate Humungousaur

The Ultimate Humungousaur bot likes to throw enemies in the air and then stomp them into the ground.

Special Moves: Humungo-Slam, Seismic Stomp Super Move: Missile Burst


The Swampfire bot can throw out a flurry of fireballs or summon plants to attack its enemies.

Special Moves: Fireball, Vine Spike Super Move: Inferno Blast


The Rath bot uses brute strength and vicious claw attacks to dominate its opponents.

Special Moves: Shockwave Punch, Tiger Claw Super Move: Lemme Tell Ya Something!

Big Chill

The Big Chill bot uses extreme cold to freeze its opponents in place for some chilling combo moves.

Special Moves: Cold Rush, Chill Out Super Move: Ice Quake


The Armodrillo bot can drill through the earth or leap through the air to attack its enemies.

Special Moves: Earth Drill, Terra Firma Super Move: Mega Drill

Ultimate Echo Echo

The Ultimate Echo Echo bot uses sound waves as both projectiles and defensive barriers.

Special Moves: Sonic Disc, Sound Barrier Super Move: Echo Chamber

Ultimate Big Chill

The Ultimate Big Chill bot can immobilize its enemies with ice flames that are so cold they burn.

Special Moves: Ice Flames, Freezing Fire Cloud Super Move: Frost Inferno


The Generator Rex bot uses a mix of melee and ranged attacks to cover any and every situation.

Special Moves: Smackhands, Slam Cannon Super Move: The B.F.S.

Agent Six

The Agent Six bot can throw swords to keep its enemies at bay or dash in for quick combo attacks.

Special Moves: Katana Throw, Sliding Strike Super Move: Magnetic Wave


Don't let the smile fool you. With its blasters and monkey agility, Robo Bobo is every bit as dangerous as the original.

Special Moves: Bobo Blasters, Monkey Business Super Move: Bobo Bombs

Van Kleiss

The Van Kleiss bot dominates its enemies with nanite-powered melee attacks.

Special Moves: Abysus Arm, Nanite Grapple Super Move: EVO Attack


The Clockwork bot can freeze opponents in time and finish them off with a powerful beam attack.

Special Moves: Time Stop, Temporal Jump Super Move: Chrono Blast

Upgrade Rex

The Upgrade Rex bot likes to grab enemies from the air and pound them into the ground.

Special Moves:
Blastcaster, Funchucks
Super Move:
Boogie Pack Bola


The Shocksquatch bot uses long-range electrical blasts to keep its enemies off balance.

Special Moves:
Ball Lightning, Electrosphere
Super Move:
Tesla Tower


Cartoon Network: TKO Robots  

Cartoon Network TKO (Titanic KungFuBot Offensive) lets you battle other players online with giant robots based on your favorite characters from shows like Ben 10, Generator Rex, Johnny Test, Flapjack, Chowder, Total Drama Island and more. Every fighter is different, so you'll have to master a multitude of special moves to conquer your opponents and become a TKO champion. Learn more about all the giant robot fighters and their moves at


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