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Aired on 01/19/01
Courage Meets the Mummy: A mummy returns from the dead to seek revenge on the two people who wrongfully entombed him thousands of years ago -- two people who bore an uncanny resemblance to Muriel and the Farmer. They decide to try past life regression so the truth can be revealed, and learn that the Mummy was framed. Muriel apologizes, and the Mummy returns to eternal rest. Invisible Muriel: Muriel is whipping up a batch of her secret recipe dog food for the County Dog Food Contest. Courage discovers a glowing blue stone and gives it to Muriel, which renders her invisible. The stone turns out to be top-secret government property, and Muriel is kidnapped in an effort to retrieve the stone. Believing they're after her dog food recipe, she refuses to talk. Courage must find a way to rescue Muriel.