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Aired on 04/28/17
Who is Slade? And what is he planning? The questions that have been keeping Robin awake at night are about to be answered. Slade contacts the Teen Titans and unveils his master plan: A Chronoton Detonator, a sinister-looking high-tech device has the ability to stop time forever. The Titans spring into action on a mad hunt to find the detonator before it freeze-frames the entire city. But furious Robin is so intent on foiling Slade's plot that his anger is taking control. As Robin destroys robot commandos without mercy and shakes down and innocent civilian for information, the Titans begin to worry stopping Slade might mean losing Robin. And in the end, that's exactly what it means. Slade's Chronoton Detonator is a fake, a sophisticated decoy to lure the Titans away from Robin and infuse their bodies with sinister nanoscopic probes. Unbeknownst to the Titans, Slade now has the ability to destroy Robin's friends from the inside out. And the only way for Robin to stop him is to serve him. Slade wants Robin to become his apprentice and to save his friends, Robin has no choice to agree.