Q: What is a game jam?

A: A game jam is like a hackathon, but for games! Game makers come together, receive a creative theme, then make a game based on that creative theme over the course of 48-straight hours. This has been going on for a while, hosted by jams like Global Game Jam and competitions like Ludum Dare.

Q: What happens at this game jam?

A: Mostly, you meet people and have fun making games! Game makers will be coming together to make games in a 48-hour competition on-site in Portland, OR based on awesome Cartoon Network stories and characters; we'll also be featured in our own stories in a documentary about game making!

Q: It's a competition?

A: Game makers will create their 48-hour jam entries based on judging criteria determined by Cartoon Network. At the end of the weekend, entries will be given a short polishing period for their projects, then a winner will be chosen! Up to 16 Finalists will receive prize money and may have their work published in a Cartoon Network Game Jam bundle! And a winning game jam team will have a chance to negotiate a contract with Cartoon Network to provide the services to bring their project to fruition as a fully-fledged mobile app starting in May 2016.

Q: How can I participate?

A: Artists, programmers, animators, musicians, sound designers, writers, and game designers in Portland are welcome to submit work samples or portfolios to the jam event producer to begin eligibility. A select number of eligible entrants will then be invited to register and participate in the jam the weekend of February 12th, 2016!

Registration opens for Portland on November 16th, 2015; the Pacific Northwest (Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver BC areas) on December 14th, 2015; then internationally on January 11th, 2016. Entrants must participate on-site in Portland.

Q: Who can participate?

A: Participants must be of 18 years of age or older. Registrants must come to the jam on-site at their own expense in Portland to participate. Only entrants approved by the jam event producer are able to participate. Individuals and teams may participate and submit up to two entries. Game Jam teams may not exceed 6 individuals. Seats are limited!

Q: How can I best prepare myself?

A: The best way to prepare yourself is by making games now! Learning from others, working with others, and teaching yourself new skills in your game-making discipline will be essential over the coming months. You are also responsible for forming your own development team before the jam starts. We recommend attending events hosted by the Portland Indie Game Squad to meet and work with other developers on small projects and hone your skills, including Portland's Global Game Jam 2016 site as a practice run.

Q: How will the game jam be structured?

A: We'll be meeting the evening of Friday, February 12th for a keynote presentation, and to reveal the game jam's special creative theme. We'll continue making our games through the evening of Sunday, February 14th. Over the course of the weekend, we'll be interviewed on-camera about our experiences and progress with our game making, meet mentors from popular game developer teams, and work with Cartoon Network show makers.

After the jam, developers will receive one or two small points of feedback from judges, then are allowed to update those elements of their game over the course of two weeks to improve their chances of winning.

Jammers will be responsible for their own equipment and expenses, including transportation and parking. We will provide at least four meals over the weekend, and of course lots of coffee. Our aim is to provide an awesome game jam environment - the rest is up to you!

Q: What happens if my team wins?

A: Up to 16 submissions will be picked as finalists and win a total prize per team of $3,000. From those finalists, a winning jam team will also get the chance to negotiate with Cartoon Network for a contract to help with the production of their game from prototype to a polished mobile game soon after being declared the winner. This will include timeline and budget, all based on the winning game and its team. Development of the game will start by May 2016!

The Portland Indie Game Squad will be hosting events up until the game jam to help prepare jammers for judging criteria and to answer questions about contracting with Cartoon Network.

Q: What is the judging criteria?

A: Games will be judged on factors like functionality, art, design, replayability, relatability to the Cartoon Network intellectual properties we work with, the team's ability to polish their game from its prototype state, and more. Full criteria is still being determined and will be announced by the event!

Q: Which of Cartoon Network's intellectual properties are we making games about?

A: It's a secret; you'll know at the jam when we reveal the creative theme! Aside from working with Cartoon Network IP, jammers will be contributing with their own, original content to accent that IP.

Q: On what platforms will games be released?

A: The winning game will be published for mobile, and runners-up may be hosted on CartoonNetwork.com, though other considerations for platform will be made clear by the event. Jammers should consider prioritizing their ability to publish for for 1) mobile, 2) web, then 3) PC/Mac to be considered as a winner or runner-up.

Take a look at Cartoon Network's current list of mobile games to get an idea of what's out there!

Q: What tools can we use?

A: Using Unity is strongly encouraged; outside of that, all creative and development software used must be approved by the jam event producer. All open source software and all tools (including frameworks and fonts) must allow full free publishing rights. Developers will be asked to limit their use of pre-made assets, and work from scratch as much as possible. Cartoon Network will supply concept art assets for inspiration, but not in-game assets. Participants will be judged by their ability to develop for mobile.

Q: What is the final deliverable after the jam?

A: At the end of the game jam weekend, participants will deliver their game's executable, source files, and source code. Because we will be working with Cartoon Network intellectual properties, all rights and ownership to the binary will transfer to Cartoon Network. Jammers retain rights and ownership of their source and design.

Q: Will jammers be on the Cartoon Network?

A: In addition to hosting the jam, we'll be making a documentary on game development and jams in the midst of our event! Over the course of the event, jammers will be scheduled to appear on camera and to share their love of games, their experiences as a game maker, and their thoughts and plans for the jam. The jam winner and runners-up will be interviewed after the jam to showcase their experiences with progress and growth. We want to inspire the Cartoon Network audience to become better makers, storytellers, learners, and collaborators based on your experiences!

Q: Why Portland?

A: Portland is home to a community of passionate and authentic game developers, the Portland Indie Game Squad. After working with SleepNinja Games to publish Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake, we were introduced to this community and realized its potential and energy.

Q: I have more questions! How can I learn more?

A: You are welcome to contact event producer Will Lewis of Rose City Game Consulting online (@gamewillpdx on Twitter) and ask questions of representatives in person at select Portland Indie Game Squad events. The event's terms, additional resources for developers, and a list of developers still looking for teams can be provided upon request. We're very excited about this project and want to know what you need to best participate and have an awesome time!

Q: How do I apply?

A: Contact @gamewillpdx on Twitter, or find the application form on numerous Portland Indie Game Squad channels. Upon determination of eligibility, applicants will receive a password for the Cartoon Network Game Jam Eventbrite and secure their slot in the event. We are looking for developers who are ready for competitive fun!

Cartoon Network Game Jam Contest




Eligibility: The Contest is open to individuals who are at least 18 years of age or the age of majority in their jurisdiction (e.g. state, country, etc.) at the time they submit their entry form and who apply either individually or as a team (i.e. an association of not more than six (6) individuals each of whom is at least 18 years of age or the age of majority in their jurisdiction at the time the team submits the entry form) (a group of persons submitting a single entry is called a "Team" and each individual person that takes steps to participate in the Contest is called an "Entrant"). Each Entrant must (i) receive and accept an invitation from the Producer, (ii) fully read and agree to a release, confidentiality and participation agreement and potential winner documentation, (iii) fully complete online registration and submit a non-refundable registration fee in amount designated by Producer, (iv) participate on site and in person at all sessions of the Cartoon Network Game Jam from February 12 to 14, 2016 ("Jam") and try to attend the after party on February 15, 2016 ("After Party") in Portland, Oregon (the Jam and After Party are collectively referred to as the "Event"), and (v) and create, develop code for a web-based game (which Sponsor also may later develop to a mobile app game) and submit an executable game file and source code ("Game") that satisfies the Contest requirements by the deadlines announced by the Producer at Entrant's sole expense. Entrant (including each member of a Team) must not be under any legal or contractual obligation that would prohibit its participation in this Contest as described in these Official Rules. If participating in this Contest would result in a violation by Entrant of any law applicable to it or any agreement to which it is a party, such Entrant is ineligible. Participation in this Contest constitutes Entrant's full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these Terms and the decisions of Producer and Sponsor, which are final and binding in all matters. Any natural person completing any portion of the entry process described in these Terms on behalf of an organization must be authorized to legally bind that organization. To be eligible to be considered and deemed the Winner (as defined below), Entrant(s) must demonstrate that they have the availability, expertise and sufficient resources to enter a game development contract with Cartoon Network under which they would provide all services on a paid, work-for-hire basis commencing services in May 2016 and delivering a gold master candidate version of a Cartoon Network game for the iOS and Android mobile platforms with final delivery in 2016 or 2017. Employees, officers, directors, agents and representatives of Producer and Sponsor, any of their licensees, assigns, parents, or affiliated or subsidiary companies, or any other person or entity involved in the design, coordination, promotion, marketing, administration or fulfillment the Contest, and any of their family members (i.e. father, mother, son, daughter, grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, or member of the same household (whether or not related) of any such persons) are not eligible to enter or win the Contest.

Entry Conditions: To receive an invitation from Producer, Entrants must apply by providing accurate information related to Entrant's qualifications, experience and projects relevant to game development, Contest eligibility, and contact information ("Screening Application"). Entrants understand and agree that any information provided in the Screening Application will not be returned to Entrant and that Producer and Sponsor are under no obligation to keep Screening Application(s) confidential. Any that Entrants who are selected by Producer will be provided a password and information for an Eventbrite website. Entrants must (i) fully complete the registration, (ii) pay a nominal, non-refundable registration fee, (iii) commit to physically attend and participate in all touchpoint sessions and filming at the Event in Portland, Oregon, from February 12 – 14, 2016, (iv) read and agree to the confidentiality, release and participation agreements and potential winner documentation during the registration process and check-in at the Event, and (v) create and timely submit the Game deliverables. Registration is limited to approximately two hundred (200) Entrants or as space permits in the sole discretion of the Producer. Limit of two (2) Entries per Entrant or Team.

Designation of Teams: Each Team must identify all of its Members before the start of the Event on February 12, 2016 either during online registration or in writing at the Event check-in. Each Entrant may only participate on up to two (2) Teams. The identity and composition of a Team Entrant may not be changed after the commencement of the Event.

Timing: The registration for the Contest begins on or about November 9, 2015 and will be open until approximately February 1, 2016, or until Producer has confirmed valid registrations for the maximum number of Entrants (which may be earlier or later than February 1, 2016). The Event begins on February 12, 2016, at approximately 6:00 p.m. PT and ends on February 14, 2016, at approximately 9:00 p.m. PT unless anther other time is announced by Producer at the Event. Entrants also are welcome and encouraged to attend an Event after party on the evening of February 15, 2016, at a location in Portland that will be announced during the Event. Producer is to be the official timekeeper and its clock will set the official time for all elements of the Contest. From February 15, 2016, to March 1, 2016, Entrants will have the opportunity to refine the Game deliverables and submit the final Game Contest entry no later than March 2, 2016.

How To Enter: To receive an invitation from Producer, Entrants must answer a screening questionnaire or submit a Screen Application in a format requested by Producer accurate information including Entrant's contact information including, without limitation, full name, physical mailing address (no PO boxes), phone number, email address, and age and information related to Entrant's Contest eligibility, resources and ability to work with Sponsor if Entrant were deemed the Contest Winner (e.g. game development projects, game jam participation, expertise in coding, game design music, sound effects, and/or availability and capacity to work with Sponsor if Entrant were deemed the Contest Winner, etc.). Entrants understand and agree that any information provided in the Screening Application will not be returned to Entrant and that Producer and Sponsor are under no obligation to keep Screening Application(s) confidential. Entrants who are selected by Producer will be provided a password and information for an Eventbrite website where Entrants must fully complete the registration, read and agree to the confidentiality, release and participation agreements, pay a nominal, non-refundable registration fee, and commit to physically attend and participate in the Event in Portland, Oregon, from February 12 – 14, 2015. Registration is limited to approximately two hundred (200) Entrants or as space permits (as determined in the sole discretion of the Producer). Registration will be open until Producer deems that all such spots are full (which is anticipated but not guaranteed to be by February 1, 2016). Once registered, Entrants must attend the Event (including all required check-ins) and satisfy all Game Requirements; attendance at the Event after party on February 15th is optional but encouraged.

Game Requirements: To be eligible for consideration and to be selected as a Finalist, the following requirements must be met, as determined by Producer and Sponsor in their sole discretion, or the Entry may be disqualified:

Timely Submission Complying With Instructions and Official Rules: For each Contest entry, an executable game file, source files and source code for the Game and any additional content identified by Producer must submitted through the submission process and submission deadlines that will be identified during the Event by the Producer. The deadline for the final Contest entry will be no later than 5 p.m. PT on March 2, 2016.

Owned by Entrant(s) and No Third Party Content: With the exception only of approved assets and intellectual property of Sponsor to be provided at the Contest Event and any derivatives created therefrom (as between Entrant and Sponsor, ownership of which shall remain solely with Cartoon Network), all aspects of the Game submitted by Entrant must be solely owned by Entrant, Entrant's Team Members, or in the public domain. This restriction applies to all intellectual property included in the Game, including without limitation, music, voice recordings, video, photographs, fonts, names, logos, images of buildings, tattoos or other designs or elements protected by trademark, copyright, patents or other intellectual property rights. Use of "open source" tools or code is prohibited unless approved by Producer in advance. Entrant's rights in the Game must be sufficient to allow it to grant all ownership rights to Sponsor, or any of its agents or assigns under these Terms. Sponsor may request written proof of ownership of or adequate license to Entrant of any Game element. Failure to timely provide adequate proof of ownership or sufficient license rights in any content included in the Entrant Content (as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion) may result in the Entrant being disqualified and Game entry deemed void.

Language: Game deliverables must be entirely in the English language.

Original: Entrant's Game and Contest entry must have been created expressly for the purposes of entering this Contest at the Event and during a short period to refine the Game submission. It may not have been previously published by a third party and may not have been entered into any other contest, competition, or promotion. No assistance or contributions are allowed by individuals who are not registered Content Entrants and designated member(s) of Entrant's Team who have attended the Event.

Non-infringing: Entrant's Content must not infringe, misappropriate, or violate any rights of any third party, including without limitation, patent, copyright (including moral rights), trademark, trade secret or rights of privacy or publicity.

Age appropriate: Entrant's Content must be appropriate for an animated content directed in whole or in part to children and should not contain inappropriate content, which includes, without limitation, any information that is adult-oriented, including without limitation, depictions of sexual behavior, nudity, gratuitous violence, offensive language or profanity, indecent or obscene content, drugs, alcohol or tobacco, or behavior that may be unsafe or harmful if imitated by children.

Complying with all applicable laws and any applicable agreements: Entrant content must not in any way violate any federal, national, state, provincial, territorial, or local laws, rules or regulations of any applicable jurisdiction(s). Entrant agrees that his, her, or its participation in the Contest and agreement to these Terms and any Contest Entity's reproduction, display, and use of the Entrant Content in accordance with these Terms will not violate any agreement to which Entrant (or any member of a Team Entrant) is a signatory or party or any law applicable to Entrant.

Deliverables and Technical Specifications:
Size: Standard game dimensions: 900x600 or 600x900
Technology: Development in Unity 5+ strongly encouraged
Browser compatibility: IE 10+, Firefox 31+, Safari 7+, Chrome 36+
Platform compatibility: All Game deliverables must be demonstrable on the Macintosh OSX (10.3 and up) and the PC Windows 7+ or may be disqualified. If the Game is not operable on the Macintosh and the PC and/or requires additional hardware (beyond computer, keyboard, mouse) or software, we cannot guarantee it will be considered or judged and the Game may be disqualified in Sponsor and Producer's sole discretion.
Deliveries:  Final game submissions must include all source files, published executable files, and web-friendly formats (Web GL, Unity Web Player, SWF, HTML5), if relevant
File Size:
Unity Web Player, SWFs, HTML5 packages and other web players must not be larger than 30 MB
Unity Web GL must not be larger than 150 MB

Transfer of Rights in Game: By participating in the Contest, Entrant understands and agrees that in consideration for the opportunity to participate and for a one-time payment to each Entrant in the amount of Forty US Dollars ($40.00) to be made at the Event, you are transferring certain ownership and license rights in the Game and related materials submitted by you or your Team Members in the Contest as set forth below:

  • (a) Game Ownership.) (1) The services rendered, equipment and personnel supplied, and rights granted to Contest Entrants to use any Sponsor assets such as (without limitation) titles, logos, character names, artwork, storylines, music, and any protected by trademark or copyright protection in connection with the Contest shall not confer in Entrant any rights of ownership in the Sponsor's intellectual property (including, but not limited to, all rights of trademark and copyrights) which shall remain exclusively in Sponsor; (2) any material produced by or on behalf of Entrant in connection with this Contest shall be considered a "work made for hire" as contemplated by the United States Copyright Act and to the extent said material is not recognized as a "work made for hire" Entrant hereby assigns all rights of copyright and copyright renewal in said material or any part thereof to Sponsor; and (3) with a limited exception for Game Developer Technology (as defined below), Sponsor, its successors and assigns shall retain worldwide, in perpetuity, all ownership rights to the Contest entries, including, without limitation, the Game and any related materials produced by or on behalf of Entrant and any part thereof, and Sponsor may, in its sole discretion, modify, edit, add to, delete from, distribute, license, duplicate, use, make derivative works, and otherwise exploit such materials in any manner or forum whether now known or hereafter created without further review, notice, approval, consideration, or compensation to Entrant or any third party. Without limiting the foregoing, Entrant hereby waives any and all claims of "moral rights" and other rights of any kind or nature related to the material produced by or on behalf of Entrant and hereby conveys to Sponsor any such rights as they may exist without reservation or limitation. The services of any and all individuals who contribute to the Contest Entry, Game and related materials shall be subject to the foregoing, and upon Sponsor's request, Entrant shall obtain and deliver to Sponsor written acknowledgment thereof. Entrant agrees that Released Parties (as defined below) are not responsible for any unauthorized use of Entries by third parties. Released Parties have no obligation to utilize any Game or related materials submitted as part of the Contest or to further develop or launch any Game or to enter into any further agreement with any Entrant.

  • (b) Developer Technology License. Entrant shall retain ownership of the rights, title and interest in and to any proprietary software, technology components and documentation that drive the actual operation of the Game, including the source code thereto (collectively "Developer Technology"), provided that the parties acknowledge and agree that Cartoon Network shall own the binary code and the look and feel of the Game and any extensions or additions thereto produced under this Agreement, the unique user interface of the Game, the particular and distinctive elements of graphics, design, colors, organization, presentation, typographical look and layout, navigation, trade dress and stylistic convention of the Game, the storyline, plot, theme, characters, artwork, music, voiceover, any other elements incorporated into the Game, and the complete version of the Game as delivered in final form. Developer shall grant to Cartoon Network a transferable, irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide and fully paid-up license to use, adapt, create derivative works of, translate, distribute, reproduce, license, sublicense, sell, perform, display, and otherwise exploit the Developer Technology in connection with the Game (including any extensions, expansions, enhancements or modifications to the Game, any other versions of the Game such as sequels, prequels, and spin-offs, and ports of the Game or other versions of the Game to other platforms and operating systems) in any manner or medium now known or hereafter devised (the "License") and will deliver updated and complete copy of the unencrypted, commented source code for the Game and instructions for use under its Developer Technology License.

Publicity Rights Granted: By participating in the Contest, Entrant understands and agrees that to the extent allowed by law and in consideration for the opportunity to participate, you grant the Released Parties (as defined below) a perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, sub-licensable, unconditional, irrevocable and transferable license to use or reuse your Entry, name, likeness, photo, voice, opinions, biographical material, and any other information related to the Contest, including any material recorded at or in connection with the Event, related events including the after party, screenshots, videos or any portion of Entrant's Game or related materials submitted by Entrant or Entrant's Team related including, in any and all media, throughout the world, and in any manner, for trade, advertising, promotional, commercial, or any other purposes without further review, notice, approval, consideration, payment or compensation to Entrant, Team, or any third party; Sponsor may, in its sole discretion, modify, edit, add to, delete from, rearrange, encode, store, copy, transmit, publish, post, broadcast, display, adapt, distribute, license, duplicate, use, and otherwise exploit such materials in any manner or forum whether now known or hereafter created.

Game Updates or Changes: While all Contest entries must be timely submitted in accordance with the schedule provided by the Producer in order for Entrant to remain eligible in this Contest, they need not be finalized until the end of the Contest submission period on March 2, 2016. From February 15 – March 2, 2016 ("Polish Period"), Entrants may continue to refine their Games in a manner consistent with feedback provided by the Judges during the Event. No other material changes or updates can be made during the Polish Period. In addition, an Entrant or Team may not enlist the assistance or allow any individual who is not a member of his or her Team during the Contest to contribute to or modify the Game.

Participation, Finalist and Winner Selection: During the Contest, Entrants will create and develop the Game based on Sponsor's intellectual property to be disclosed and provided at the beginning of the Contest. If submitting an entry as a Team, only members of the Team identified to Producer in writing prior to the start of the Jam (and those who have completed all items for eligibility) may work on the Team's Game. If Producer or Sponsor believe, in their sole discretion, that a Team has received help from anyone who is not an Entrant identified as a Member of the Team, the Team may be disqualified. Entrants may bring code to the Contest that was created by the individual Entrant or the Team prior to the Contest. Games will be reviewed by a panel of jurors supplied by Sponsor ("Judges "). After the Contest Event, Entrants may continue to work but must submit the Game no later than March 2, 2016, by 5:00 pm PT or the time and in the manner identified by Producer. Games that are not uploaded by the time and manner specified by Producer due to technical difficulties or other reasons may be disqualified. On dates (tentatively planned to be between March 2, 2016 and April 16, 2016, the Judges will review the submissions and select up to sixteen (16) finalists ("Finalists"). Judging criteria for the Finalists will be announced or made available at the Event (for example, judging criteria may include equal or weighted factors such as innovation and originality of concept and mechanics, how the final Game experience looks and works including the quality of the graphics, audio and game mechanics, synergy with the CN brand and how well the entry complements the CN intellectual property, and Entrant(s)'s cooperation and participation in Event filming ("Finalist Judging Criteria")]. The identity of the finalists will be announced no later than May 1, 2016. All finalists will be contacted by email. If a finalist Team or Entrant is determined by Producer or Sponsor to be unqualified to participate or does not respond to correspondence from the Producer or Sponsor, or provide any documentation requested within three (3) days after the date sent by Producer or Sponsor, the potential finalist or winning Team or Entrant will be disqualified and a new potential finalist or winning Team will be selected by Judges based on the judging criteria. From the Finalists, Sponsor will select one (1) winner ("Winner") based upon the Finalist Judging Criteria and additional Winner Judging Criteria, which will include demonstrable resources, expertise, and ability to provide game development services on a paid, work-for-hire basis for Sponsor on a mutually agreeable schedule from 2016 to 2017 in order to provide a gold master candidate CN-branded game for the iOS and Android platforms, willingness to negotiate in good faith and execution of a contract based upon Sponsor's standard work-for-hire game development agreement on an expedited basis and within ten (10) days of commencement of negotiation. In the event of a tie, an additional "tie-breaking" judge will be selected to determine the Finalist(s) from among the tied Entries or the Winner from among the tied Finalist Entries based on all Judging Criteria. In the event a potential winner is disqualified, Sponsor and/or Producer reserves the right (but not the obligation) to contact a runner-up finalist at their discretion. The Winner is anticipated to be announced on or about May 1, 2016 and must meet all eligibility requirements including the execution and return of all necessary releases and documents within the time specified below, unless otherwise indicated. The decisions of Sponsor and Judges in all matters regarding this Contest are final and binding.

Sixteen (16) Finalists: Based upon all Judging Criteria and subject to verification of eligibility and compliance with the Terms, for each Game submission that is selected as a Finalist, one (1) total award of Three Thousand US Dollars ($3,000) for each Game deemed a Finalist will be awarded.

One (1) Winner: Based upon all Judging Criteria, at least one (1) Finalist will be contacted and given the opportunity to negotiate and potentially enter into a mutually agreeable contract on a paid, work-for-hire basis for services related to the development of a Cartoon Network-branded game targeted to be published by early 2017.

Prize Conditions: Prize award is subject to verification of eligibility and compliance with these Official Rules. The total value of each prize is listed per Team (i.e. not the amount that each Team member may receive). PRIZES IN THIS CONTEST WILL BE AWARDED TO THE ENTRANT IDENTIFIED IN THE APPLICABLE ENTRY. IF THE ENTRANT IS A TEAM (AS DEFINED IN THESE TERMS), THEN, UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED BY SPONSOR OR A PRIZE PROVIDER, THE PRIZE WILL BE DIVIDED EQUALLY AMONG ALL ENTRANTS WHO ARE ELIGIBLE AND IDENTIFIED DURING THE ENTRY PROCESS AS COMPRISING THE ENTRANT TEAM. All federal, state and local taxes and all other costs associated with the Contest and acceptance of any Contest prize are the sole responsibility of the Contest Entrants, Finalists, and Winner. Winners of any prize valued at Six Hundred US Dollars ($600.00) or more will receive a federal tax form 1099 from Sponsor. All Entrants must provide valid tax identification information at commencement of Event that will be used solely for purpose of facilitating winner documentation and prize issuance. Entrants should consult with their tax advisor with any questions. All Finalists and Winner may not substitute, assign or transfer a prize, but Producer and Sponsor reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to substitute a prize with one of comparable or greater value. No more than the stated number and amount of prizes will be awarded. In the event there are fewer eligible entries received by Producer and Sponsor than there are stated Finalists or prizes in these Terms, Sponsor reserves the right to award fewer Finalist prizes in accordance with the number of eligible entries actually received. Sponsor will not be obligated to pursue more than two (2) alternate winners (time permitting) for any prize for any reason. Finalist Prizes will be issued and sent to the address provided by Entrant during Event registration within 4-6 weeks of selection of the Finalists. In the event Sponsor does not enter a contract with any Finalist and/or elects not to make use any of the Games submitted in the Contest, no compensation, substitution or other consideration will be provided to Entrants.

Finalists and Grand Prize Winner Notification and Documentation: The potential Finalists will be notified by telephone and/or email and will be required to complete an Affidavit of Eligibility, Liability and Publicity Release (unless prohibited by law) and any other documents required by Sponsor, which must be returned within five (5) days of date appearing on the Finalists notification. Return of notification as undeliverable, failure to sign and return requested documentation within the specified time period, the inability of Sponsor to contact a potential Finalist or Winner at contact information provided by Entrant or noncompliance with these Official Rules by a potential Finalist will result in disqualification and, at Sponsor's sole discretion, an alternative Finalist or Winner may be selected. Producer reserves the right to conduct a background check of any and all records of potential Entrants, including, without limitation, civil and criminal court records and police reports, and entry in the Contest constitutes entrant's permission for Producer to conduct such screening processes, provided that, to the extent additional authorization is necessary under law, Entrants shall authorize such check. Producer reserves the right (at its sole discretion) to disqualify any potential Entrants based on the results of any screening process (e.g. for any felony conviction or crime of moral turpitude) or failure of the potential to properly authorize such check. In the event a potential winner is disqualified, Sponsor and/or Producer reserves the right (but not the obligation) to contact a runner-up Finalist at their discretion. In addition to the release, confidentiality and participation agreements required to enter the Contest, any potential winning Entrants may be required to complete an additional Affidavit of Eligibility and Liability/Publicity Release (unless prohibited by law), tax documents and further prize-acceptance documents ("Finalist Documents") within the time frame specified and in the form provided by Producer or Sponsor without revision or prize may be forfeited and an alternate winner may be selected. Any Entrant who fails or refuses to sign and return the required documentation within the time period or manner as specified by Producer will be disqualified and any prize forfeited. If a member of a Team fails to cooperate or timely submit winner documentation, than the entire Team may be disqualified. Non-compliance with these Official Rules or failure to return all required documentation by the stated deadline or Producer's inability to contact an Entrant (using the contract information provided in his or her registration) within a reasonable time period, as determined in Producer's sole discretion, may also result in disqualification and forfeiture of the Prizes of a Entrant and/or an Entrant's Team.

Opportunity to Negotiate Game Development Agreement with Cartoon Network: In connection with the Contest, Sponsor intends to commence good faith negotiations with Finalist(s) for game development services on a paid, work-for-hire basis to prepare a Game for distribution on the iOS and Android mobile platforms. Such Game Development Agreement will incorporate Sponsor's standard terms and conditions for the types of game and other material terms including appropriate timeline, deliverables and milestones in order to ensure that such game is ready for release in connection with upcoming Cartoon Network initiatives. As a result, time will be of the essence. Sponsor reserves the right to discuss and negotiate game development agreements with other Contest Entrants and contractors who are not affiliated with the Contest for any reason, including but not limited to the event that Sponsor and Finalist(s) are unable to reach and sign a mutually agreeable contract within a reasonable time.

Event Code of Conduct: At all times during the Event (both on and off-camera), Entrants are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that creates a safe and positive environment for all Entrants, will not interfere with others' participation and enjoyment of the Event, and will not reflect negatively on Producer, Sponsor or its affiliates. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Entrants must respect other persons and property at the Event and should take no action to cause damage to persons or property at the Event. No forms of offensive or rude behavior, verbal or physical harassment, threats, or assault, disorderly conduct or any illegal activity will be tolerated. No obscenity, indecency, or use of vulgarities, racial or religious slurs, profanities, abusive or offensive language or gestures should occur at the Event. No possession or consumption of alcohol, tobacco (including vaping), marijuana, or illegal substances on the premises during the Event will be allowed (use of tobacco may be allowed off premises at the Event; consumption of alcohol by individuals of legal drinking age in Oregon at the after party may be permitted). No guns, knives or other weapons at the Event. Use of cell phones may be restricted. Entrants must comply with their nondisclosure obligations – including refraining from posting any confidential information on social media. Entrants shall wear appropriate attire (e.g. comfortable, clothing without prominent logos, slogans or branding appropriate both for a hackathon and recordings that may appear on children's television network). Producer may request an Entrant to leave the Event temporarily or for the remainder of the Event for the failure to abide by any code of conduct provided by Producer, for any behavior in a manner that will not reflect positively on Sponsor or any other reason as determined solely by Producer and Sponsor.

By entering the Contest and participating in the Event, Entrant acknowledges and agrees that Producer and Sponsor have the right and authority (but not the obligation) to monitor the Event and Contest, and all activities related thereto and to update, revise and enforce this code of conduct in the manner Producer and Sponsor see fit in their sole discretion, and that they have the right to terminate registration and participation in the Event, to suspend or expulse an Entrant from the Event, and/or to disqualify Entrant(s) from the Contest at any time without any refunds, remuneration or further obligations to Entrant. Although Producer and Sponsor endeavor to enforce the code of conduct in a fair and even-handed manner, in no event shall Producer or Sponsor's failure to enforce it in one or more situations prevent it from being enforced in any similar situation(s) in the future. Sponsor and/or Producer may give an Entrant or others a warning before it terminates Entrant's participation in the Event or disqualifies a Contest entry in its sole discretion, but Entrant is not entitled to any such warning and Entrant understands and agrees that any disciplinary measures may be taken without any such warning. Similarly, neither Producer nor Sponsor is under any obligation to provide an Entrant with an explanation of why it may or may not have enforced the code generally, or in any particular instance.

Release and Indemnity: As a condition of participating in the Contest, Entrants release and agree to indemnify Rose City Game Consulting LLC, Cartoon Interactive Group, Inc., The Cartoon Network, Inc., Cartoon Network Studios, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., Wyzurd LLC, and their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, parent corporations, advertising and promotional agencies, and all of their officers, directors, shareholders, members, employees and agents (collectively, the "Released Parties") from all liability, claims or actions of any kind arising or alleged to arise from losses, damages or injuries to persons or property in connection with this Event and Contest, including without limitation, preparation for, travel to or from or participation in the Event and Contest, possession, acceptance, delivery or use of prizes, participation in any Event- or Contest-related activities (including without limitation, the after party), and claims based on publicity rights, patent, copyright or trademark infringement, defamation or invasion of privacy. In addition, Entrant acknowledges and agrees that Sponsor intends to be recording during the Event for public use for the advertising and promotion of Cartoon Network and Entrant is granting Sponsor and its agents all rights of publicity as outlined above and to the fullest extent allowed by law. Each Entrant hereby acknowledges and agrees that the relationship between the Entrant and each of the Released Parties is not a confidential, fiduciary, or other special relationship, and that the Entrant's decision to submit his/her/its Screening Application and Entry for purposes of the Contest does not place any of the Released Parties in a position that is any different from the position held by members of the general public with regard to elements of the Entry (including, without limitation, the Game), other than as set forth in these Terms. (For the sake of clarity and without limiting the foregoing, these Terms do not purport to modify the terms of any separate agreement between Sponsor and any Entrant, including any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement.) Each Entrant understands and acknowledges that the Released Parties Entities have wide access to ideas, text, images, code, applications, software, and other creative materials. Each Entrant also acknowledges that many ideas for games, other applications, or online services may be competitive with, similar to, or identical to its Game and/or each other in idea, function, components, format, or other respects. Each Entrant acknowledges and agrees that such Entrant will not be entitled to any compensation as a result of any Released Party's use of any such similar or identical material that has or may come to such Released Party from other sources. Each Entrant acknowledges and agrees that no Released Party has now or will have in the future any duty or liability (direct or indirect; vicarious, contributory, or otherwise) with respect to the infringement or protection of the Entrant's patent, copyright or other proprietary rights in and to his/her/its Game. Each Entrant acknowledges that, with respect to any claim by Entrant relating to or arising out of a Released Party's actual or alleged exploitation or use of any Game or part thereof, the damage, if any, thereby caused to the applicable Entrant will not be irreparable or otherwise sufficient to entitle such Entrant to seek injunctive or other equitable relief or in any way enjoin the production, distribution, exhibition, or other exploitation of any Contest Entity application, service or other property, and Entrant's rights and remedies in any such event are strictly limited to the right to recover damages, if any, in an action at law.

General Conditions: Potential winning Entrants are subject to verification. Sponsor and Producer's decisions are final and binding in all matters related to the Contest. Potential winners must comply with the Official Rules, and receipt of prizes is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements. Producer and Sponsor reserve the right in its sole discretion to disqualify from the Contest any Entrant (and all natural persons comprising such Entrant) whose Entry (as determined in its sole discretion) refers, depicts, or in any way reflects negatively upon a Contest Entity, the Contest, or any other person or entity or does not comply with the Official Rules. Released Parties are not responsible for technical, power, hardware or software failures, malfunctions, lost or unavailable network connections or failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed computer transmissions or unforeseen schedule changes that may limit an Entrant's ability to participate in the Contest Event or Contest, even if caused by Released Parties' negligence. Producer and Sponsor have the sole discretion to modify, cancel or suspend the Event and Contest, or modify these Official Rules as necessary, should viruses, bugs, unauthorized human intervention or other causes beyond Producer's and Sponsor's control affect the administration, security or proper execution of the Contest or Producer or Sponsor otherwise becomes incapable of running the Contest as planned or as required by applicable law. If the Contest is terminated, Producer and Sponsor may, in their discretion, select the potential Finalists and Winner from all eligible, non-suspect Entries received prior to action taken or as otherwise deemed fair and appropriate by Sponsor using the judging criteria specified above. Released Parties are not responsible for changes to Entrant's contact information. Any individual who attempts or otherwise encourages, directly or indirectly, the submission of false entries, as determined by Producer or Sponsor, will be disqualified. Producer and Sponsor have the sole discretion to disqualify any Entrant who tampers with the entry process. Producer and Sponsor have the sole discretion to disqualify Entrants who violate these Official Rules, tamper with the operation of the Contest or, in Producer's sole discretion, engage in any conduct that is deemed detrimental or unfair to Producer, the Contest or any other Entrant. Released Parties are not responsible for lost, late, mutilated, illegible, incomplete, postage due or misdirected entries. All entries will remain the sole property of Sponsor and will not be returned. Entrants waive any claims against Producer and Sponsor and all related entities concerning Entrant's rights in the Game submitted under this Agreement. Producer and Sponsor reserve the right to reject any entries that it deems, in its sole discretion, to be inappropriate for a game that will be targeted in whole or in part to a child audience, including, but not limited to, entries including foul language, gratuitous depiction of violence, any sexual behavior, drugs, alcohol or tobacco, or unsafe behavior. For purposes of this Contest, only complete Entries that are actually received by Producer through the official Contest submission process and during the Submission Period will be considered. Other proof of submitting or attempting to submit an Entry (such as, without limitation, a screenshot or an automated email confirmation message from Producer or Sponsor) does not constitute proof of actual receipt of the Entry for purposes of this Contest. Those who do not abide by these Terms and the instructions of Producer and/or Sponsor and timely provide all required documentation and materials may, in Sponsor's sole discretion, be disqualified. Entries, Screening Applications, or participation may not be acknowledged and will not be returned. Entries (or participation that does not qualify as an "Entry") that are incomplete, lost, late, misdirected, mutilated, fraudulent, illegitimate, incomprehensible, garbled, or generated by a macro, bot, or other automated means will not be accepted and will be void. Entries or participation made on behalf of an Entrant by a third party not affiliated or associated with that Entrant (as determined by Producer or Sponsor in its sole discretion) or originating through any commercial promotion subscription, notification, or entering service will be declared invalid and disqualified for this Contest. No Released Party (defined below) will have any responsibility or liability for any dispute regarding any Entrant, including the identity of any Individual Entrant, the composition or members of a Team or Organization Entrant, or the distribution of any prize won among members of a Team or Organization Entrant. In the event that any dispute regarding an Entry or Entrant (including those regarding the identity or members of an Entrant Team/Organization or any Entrant's rights in the applicable software) cannot be resolved to Sponsor's satisfaction, the Entry will be deemed ineligible and the Entrant disqualified. Sponsor will collect and process Entrants' personal information and it will be shared with Sponsor's partners, agents and affiliates to the extent necessary to conduct the Contest, including for prizes to be delivered to the winners. As a condition of entering the Contest, without limiting any other provision in these Terms, each Entrant gives consent for Sponsor and its agents to contact any Entrant by phone, text message, email, mail, or courier for purposes related to the Contest or to obtain and deliver his/her/its name, email or mailing address, and other information and Entry materials to third parties for the purpose of administering this Contest and complying with applicable laws, regulations, and rules. APPLICATIONS AND ENTRIES WILL NOT BE RETURNED AND, IN FACT, MAY BE DESTROYED. KEEP A COPY OR THE ORIGINAL OF EACH ELEMENT OF THE ENTRY. ANY ENTRY THAT DOES NOT CONFORM TO THE REQUIREMENTS IN THESE TERMS MAY, IN PRODUCER OR SPONSOR'S SOLE DISCRETION, BE DEEMED INELIGIBLE. By participating in the Contest, Entrants agree to be bound by the Official Rules. Entries not in full compliance with these Official Rules will be immediately and automatically disqualified. By submitting an Entry, each Entrant acknowledges and agrees that Released Parties may obtain many Screening Applications and Entries in connection with the Contest or other contests staged or promoted by Sponsor, such Entries may be similar or identical in theme, idea, format or other respects to other Entries submitted in connection with the Contest or game and ideas submitted for other reasons or other materials developed by or on behalf of Sponsor and Entrant waives any and all claims Entrant may have had, may have, or may have in the future that any Entry or other works accepted, reviewed or used by Sponsor may be similar to entrant's Entry, or that any compensation is due to entrant in connection with such Screening Application or Entry or other works used by Sponsor.

Limitation of Liability: Entrants are encouraged not to bring any valuables to the Event and will assume all responsibility for any personal property that Entrants chose to bring. Released Parties are not responsible for any injury, damage or loss to any person (including bodily injury) or to any personal property of an Entrant. Released Parties are not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate entry information; human errors; technical malfunctions; lost, stolen, mutilated, misdelivered, postage due, illegible, incomplete or untimely entries that may limit Entrant's ability to participate in the Contest, even if caused by Producer's or Sponsor's negligence; failures, omissions, interruptions, deletions, or defects of any telephone network, power grid, computer online system, computer equipment, servers, providers, or software, including any injury or damage to Entrant's or any other person's computer relating to participation or inability to participate in the Contest; inability to access Eventbrite or any Contest website or upload information or data; theft, tampering, destruction, or unauthorized access to, or alteration of, entries; data that is processed late or incorrectly or is incomplete or lost due to telephone, computer, or electronic malfunction or traffic congestion on telephone lines or the Internet or any website or for any other reason whatsoever; printing or other errors; or any combination thereof. Proof of uploading information or data or entering information via the designated Contest entry means is not considered proof of delivery or receipt. Illegible, duplicate and incomplete entries will be disqualified. False, fraudulent, or deceptive entries or acts, as determined by Producer and Sponsor in their sole discretion, render Entrants ineligible and all associated entries will be void.

Governing Law: All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of these Official Rules or the rights and obligations of Entrants, Producer or Sponsor in connection with this Contest are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York without giving effect to any choice of law or conflict of law rules (whether of the State of New York or any other jurisdiction) that would cause the application of any other state's laws. Entrants hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the Federal and State Courts in New York, New York for the purposes of any suit related to the Contest and waive any claim that they are not subject personally to the jurisdiction of said courts or that any such suit or other proceeding is brought in an inconvenient forum or improper venue.

Producer: Rose City Game Consulting LLC, 411 NW Flanders Street, Suite 100, Portland, Oregon 97209. Sponsor: Cartoon Interactive Group, Inc., 1050 Techwood Drive, NW, Atlanta, GA 30318. To obtain any legally-required winners list (after the conclusion of the Contest) or a copy of these Official Rules, send a self-addressed envelope with the proper postage affixed to Cartoon Interactive Group, Attention: Counsel for Cartoon Network Digital, 1050 Techwood Drive, 1000 Building 3rd Floor, Atlanta, GA 30318. Please specify "winners list" or "Official Rules" for CN Game Jam.