1. Where can I get Cartoon Network Video for my iPhone or iPod touch?
You can access the App Store within iTunes (version 7.7 or higher) on your computer, or simply click the App Store icon on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You will need to be running the 3.1 software or higher on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Search for Cartoon Network under the Entertainment section.

2. What is Cartoon Network Video?
Cartoon Network Video is an application that allows you to watch episodes or clips from your favorite Cartoon Network shows for free on your iPhone.

3. Can I view full episodes on the iPhone?
Yes! You are able to view full episodes of Cartoon Network shows on your iPhone.

4. Can I view videos outside the United States?
Only users within the United States can watch videos.

5. When do videos get added?
Full episodes get added a week after they are aired on Cartoon Network.

6. How long are videos available?
Full length episodes and clips are updated dynamically to reflect the content available on-air.

7. Can I watch episodes if I'm not connected to the Internet?
You must be connected to the Internet to use the application. You are not able to watch episodes if you are not connected.

8. How do I prevent the video from stalling or having choppy playback?
Under normal circumstances playback should not stop or stall. However, video delivery requires a fast Internet connection in order to download the content faster than you view it. Therefore it is recommended that you use a 3G or WiFi connection when watching video. For slower connections, simply pausing the content and waiting for it to download will ensure that you are able to play it without interruption.

9. Can I pause a video?
Yes. You can pause a video and resume viewing later.

10. If I stop watching an episode and exit the app, can I resume where I stopped when returning to the app?
Due to technical reasons, the application can not currently resume where you left off. You will need to open the episode or clip and seek to the spot you left off once it is downloaded.

11. How do I adjust the screen brightness
On your iPhone or iPod Touch springboard, choose SETTINGS > BRIGHTNESS and adjust accordingly.

12. How can I adjust the sound volume?
You can adjust the overall sound volume via the regular iPhone/iPod touch volume controls. If you cannot hear anything, check to make sure the phone is not muted and the volume is set high enough.

13. Who produced this awesome app?
The app was developed by Dreamsocket Inc. for Cartoon Network