Adventure Time
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Finn is a silly kid who wants to become a great hero one day. He might not look too tough, but if there's evil around, he'll slay it. That's his deal.


Finn's best friend is a wise, old dog with a big heart. Jake has the magical ability to stretch and grow. When evil's not running amok, he plays viola with his girlfriend, Lady Rainicorn.

Ice King

Armed with a magic crown and an icy heart, the Ice King has only one goal: to secure a wife by any means necessary.

Princess Bubblegum

As a millionaire nerd enthusiast, Princess Bubblegum immerses herself in every branch of geekdom from rocket science to turtle farming.

Lady Rainicorn

Lady is Princess Bubblegum's loyal and majestic pet. Her love of the viola makes her a perfect match for Jake.


Marceline is a wild rocker girl. Centuries of wandering the Land of Ooo have made her a fearless daredevil.

Lumpy Space Princess

Lumpy Space Princess comes from the cloud-like kingdom of Lumpy Space. She acts like a typical spoiled teenager.


Beemo is much more than just Finn and Jake's roommate. Beemo is also their friend, camera, alarm clock and video game system.


Gunter is the name the Ice King gives to all of his penguin servants, yet he pronounces it differently depending on the penguin's personality.

Earl of Lemongrab

The Earl of Lemongrab is the high-strung, stubborn ruler of the land of Lemongrab, and heir to the Candy Kingdom. He was the first of Princess Bubblegum's experiments gone wrong.

Flame Princess

Flame Princess is a hot-headed princess from the Fire Kingdom and Finn's new crush. Her flame powers are tied to her emotions, and she's been known to anger quite easily.

Peppermint Butler

Peppermint Butler is an inhabitant of the Candy Kingdom and loyal butler to Princess Bubblegum. He has a mysterious past and an undefined relationship with Death.


An alternate, female version of Finn, Fionna the human is just as brave, adventurous and awesome as her male counterpart as she faces off against her enemy, the Ice Queen.


Cake the cat is an alternate, female version of Jake. She has similar powers that let her stretch, bend and morph her body, and her boyfriend is Lord Monochromicorn.


Me-Mow is a tiny but dangerous cat from the Guild of Assassins who tried to take out Wildberry Princess in order to be made a full member assassin.

Tree Trunks

Tree Trunks is an elephant friend of Finn and Jake who speaks with a gentle, Southern drawl and lives in the Candy Kingdom. She loves picking apples and making apple pies.

Candy People

Candy People explode when they are frightened, and they are also very gullible. They live in the candy kingdom.


This alternate version of Princess Bubblegum is the beloved ruler of Candy Kingdom. He enjoys baking, and riding his trusty steed, Lord Monochromicorn.


Marshall Lee is the boy version of Marceline. He's a rockstar vampire king, and one bad little boy.