Annoying Orange
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He's annoying. He's obnoxious. He's partial to terrible puns. But deep down, Orange always means well, even though his boredom often drags his friends into ridiculous adventures.


Pear is both friend and foil to Orange, and he often stands as the sole voice of reason in the fruit stand. Pear's attempts to talk Orange out of his wilder ideas never work.

Grandpa Lemon

Grandpa Lemon is the befuddled, elder statesman of the fruit stand. He thinks he's everybody's grandpa, and he often falls asleep in mid-sentence.


Good-natured, but dim and hard-headed, Coconut is the muscle of the group. They tolerate his moronic tendencies because he's so darn lovable.


The sole non-fruit in the group, Marshmallow is an eternally upbeat, rainbow- and unicorn-obsessed ray of sticky, gooey sunshine.

Midget Apple

Midget Apple is an adorable, small apple with a scrappy demeanor. He prefers to be called "Little Apple," but hardly anybody obliges.


Apple is an uptight goody two-shoes who rarely joins Orange's adventures for fear he'll get bruised, though he usually ends up even worse off just by staying behind.


Grapefruit is a hulking man-boy who thinks of himself as "large and in charge." He believes he's in a rivalry with Orange for Passion Fruit's affection, but she has no interest in him.

Passion Fruit

She's adorable, pragmatic and smart. So why does Passion Fruit have such a big crush on Orange? It's no secret she likes him, except to Orange, who is completely oblivious.