Batman: Brave and the Bold
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When the Caped Crusader goes beyond Gotham City limits and teams up with heroes from across the universe, no villain stands a chance!

Green Arrow

The world's greatest archer with a quiver full of surprises. He's a master at inventing trick arrows, but he's even better at one-upping his old friend Batman!


The ever-confident King of Atlantis always lives up to his title! His ability to command sea creatures makes him tough to bear in his natural habitat.

Blue Beetle

Batman's biggest fan-- and sometimes his biggest headache. But villains are no match for this not-so-typical teenager when he changes into his armored suit!

Plastic Man

A talented ex-con with the power to stretch his body into any shape or size. Batman's bendy buddy can snap back in any situation!

Red Tornado

With super-strength, super-speed and the ability to create tornado-force winds with his body, Red Tornado is not your average android!