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Ampfibian is an extremely fast swimmer who can shock the enemy with powerful electricity blasts


Armodrillo has drill-like arms that can shake the earth with his super strength and digging powers.


Nanomech can shrink down to a microscopic size and use his power of flight for mobility while attacking with charged energy bolts.


NRG is a highly radioactive alien who can project energy beams and intense heat from within an indestructible armored suit.


Terraspin can use his internal structure and fan-like appendages to fly or generate intense wind attacks.

Ultimate Big Chill

Utlimate Big Chill has the powers of flight, invisibility and intangibility, and can attack with ice flames so cold they burn.

Ultimate Cannonbolt

Ultimate Cannonbolt has great mobility and powerful spin attacks, both of which are enhanced by his spiked armor.

Ultimate Echo Echo

Ultimate Echo Echo uses the power of sound waves to attack his enemies with sonic discs. He can also coordinate multiple discs to unleash his ultimate attack, Sonic Doom.

Ultimate Humungousaur

Ultimate Humungousaur is a heavy hitter who can attack with super-strength punches or turn his hands into giant missile launchers.

Ultimate Spidermonkey

Ultimate Spidermonkey has super strength and can stick to walls while tying up his enemies with sticky webs.

Ultimate Swampfire

Ultimate Swampfire can produce explosive fire bombs, control plants, and regenerate body parts.


Waterhazard can generate and control water, attacking with water whips and water blasts. He also has an armored exoskeleton for protection.