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Chowder dreams of becoming a great chef someday. But the young apprentice must first find his way in the mystical city of Marzipan, where the simplest recipes become the craziest adventures.

Mung Daal

He can be a bit scatterbrained, but when it comes to cooking, Mung Daal's an expert who pours his heart into every dish. Mung also thinks he's a ladies man and offers Chowder advice about finding love.


Mung Daal's wife, Truffles, likes to be the boss and has a very competitive streak. While Mung Daal handles the cooking, Truffles takes care of everything else.


Shnitzel is a big, heavy rock monster who works in Mung Daal's kitchen. He doesn't have much of a sense of humor, and Chowder is always getting on his nerves.


Chowder's best friend and pet, Kimchi is a floating stink cloud. Most people don't' want to be around him, but Chowder doesn't mind Kimchi's smell.


Panini is the apprentice of Ms. Endive. She's convinced that Chowder is her boyfriend and takes every opportunity to left him know this.