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Hiccup is the original dragon trainer and the leader of Berk's Dragon Training Academy. Above all, he tries to maintain the delicate alliance between humans and dragons.


Hiccup's loyal companion is the only known Night Fury. As part of the Strike Class, Toothless has blazing speed, extreme intelligence and sonar-like location skills.


Stoick the Vast is the leader of Berk and Hiccup's father. He's still learning to live with dragons, but he's proud of all that Hiccup has accomplished.


A smart and fearless warrior, Astrid is often at Hiccup's side. Astrid's Dragon, Stormfly, is beautiful and strong, just like her.


Stormfly is the perfect mix of beauty and brutality. Like all Deadly Nadder dragons, Stormfly is covered in armor-piercing, poison spines.


Gobber is the village smith, and Stoick's right hand man. He's a bit gruff, but his heart is always in the right place.


Snotlout is a rude and aggressive young Viking. He's not shy about his feelings for Astrid. Unfortunately for him, she's not interested.


This hot-headed dragon is known to be a furious fire-breather. It can even set its entire body aflame if provoked. The one thing you don't want is an angry Nightmare.


With his vast knowledge of dragons, Fishlegs is like a walking dragon encyclopedia. His ability to identify dragon weaknesses is a real lifesaver!


This Gronckle is slow, lazy, and stubborn as a rock. Meatlug also happens to be one the toughest dragons in the world.

Ruffnut & Tuffnut

Ruffnut and Tuffnut are feircely competitive fraternal twins. They share the same wild energy and a taste adreneline pumping adventure.

Barf & Belch

Barf & Belch has two heads, each with its own personality. When its two heads work together, this Hideous Zippleback can outsmart any opponent.