Rex is your average teenager, except he can use the nanites in his body to build all kinds of awesome machines. He can also cure people who have been turned into hideous EVOs.

Agent Six

Agent Six is sort of like a secret agent crossed with a ninja. He looks after Rex, but hates to be called a nanny.

Bobo Haha

Bobo's the one who keeps things interesting. He's always ready to have a good time, especially if that includes taking down some bad guys.


Noah is Rex's best friend. He's a great friend whether they're playing basketball, going to the beach or just chilling out.

Doctor Holiday

Doctor Holiday is Providence's resident genius. She's an expert in just about every science, but her main focus is nanites.

White Knight

The only person in the world not contaminated by nanites, White Knight calls the shots at Providence. He has very little patience for Rex's antics and is determined to get rid of EVOs at any cost.


Circe looks like a normal teenager until she starts using her abilities. But once she unleashes her sonic scream, she's a real powerhouse.


Breach has the power to tear open reality, making portals that can connect any two places. You never know what direction an attack will come from when Breach is around.


Skalamander is a monstrous EVO who works for Van Kleiss as part of The Pack. He shoots crystal spikes that can tear through almost anything.


Biowulf may be fiercely loyal to his master, Van Kleiss, but he's no lapdog. With inhuman strength, speed and cunning, he's a warrior to be reckoned with.

Van Kleiss

Van Kleiss is a brilliant but sinister genius who rules the kingdom of Abysus. He knows a lot about the nanite event and Rex's past, and is always taunting Rex with the promise of this information.