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Twelve-year-old Gumball has an epic flair for misadventure. But no matter how his dumb schemes turn out, Gumball never seems to learn his lesson.


Darwin used to be the family pet until he sprouted legs and became one of the Wattersons. He's innocent, na?ve and Gumball's best friend.


Anais is the smartest member of the family, but no one will listen to her because she's only four.


Mom is the only truly responsible person in the family. She works long hours at the rainbow factory to put food on the table.


Dad is a giant pink dummy rabbit. He spends most of his time at home watching TV and playing video games.


Ocho is a small but tough 8-bit spider. He's a nice guy, as long as you stay on his good side.

Banana Joe

Banana Joe is the class clown. He spends his time laughing at other people and never quite realizes that the joke is usually on him.


Penny is a cute peanut with antlers. She's also the apple of Gumball's eye. They have a massive crush on each other but are both incapable of expressing it.


Hector is a furry, gentle giant. Despite his size, he's actually quite sensitive.


Rocky is a jack of all trades. He's the school cook, janitor, bus driver and handyman.

Mr. Small

Mr. Small is a new-age school counselor. Although his job is to advise others, he's actually the one with the most problems.


Alan is the heart-throb of junior high, but only has eyes for Carmen... an impossible relationship for obvious reasons.

Laurence Needlemeyer

Larry works at just about every convenience store, gas station and DVD shop in Elmore.


Carmen the cactus is a leader amongst the girls. She returns Alan's feelings even though she knows it can never be...


Tina Rex is the school bully. Fearsome and aggressive, she makes the other kids' lives unbearable - especially Gumball's.


Anton is a crumbly piece of toast. He was drafted into Tina's gang against his will.


Tobias thinks he's a heavily-built jock, but is actually quite puny. Nevertheless he's obsessed with sports and is always finding new ways to hone his physique.


Masami is the spoilt daughter of a wealthy rainbow-factory owner.


Clayton is quite the storyteller. He's always telling absurd tales about himself.


Jamie is a tough cookie. She's Tina's sidekick and also loves to pick on people.


Idaho is a good ol' potato from the countryside, a rural kid with old-fashioned beliefs and blunt manners.

Principal Brown

Principal Brown is hopelessly in love with Miss Simian. He spends more time thinking about her than running the school.

Miss Simian

This sour-faced schoolmistress has been teaching second grade for 300,000 years. Miss Simian despises Gumball and always ruins his plans.


Bobert is a true robot-dork. He is by far the smartest kid in class and is Miss Simian's self-appointed teacher's pet.

The Robinsons

Although they only live next door to Gumball's family, the Robinsons think they belong to an altogether different class. They're fussy, stuck up and mean.


Carrie is a depressed, deadbeat ghost. Like most emo kids, she enjoys being miserable.


Teri is always worried about being sick. She spends most of her time at the nurse's office.


Juke the ghetto-blaster is a foreign exchange student. Nobody understands a word he says because he only speaks in "beatbox."


Leslie is a delicate, gentle flower-boy who plays the flute in the school band.


William is Miss Simian's snitch. He spies on his classmates and only ever speaks when whispering into Miss Simian's ear.