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Johnny Test

Johnny's an 11-year-old kid leading a pretty average life. Average, that is, except for his twin super-genius inventor sisters, talking dog sidekick, and nonstop thrill-ride adventures!


Dukey is a genetically altered canine that not only fetches you the paper, but reads it to you as well! He's Johnny's best friend and tries to provide him with an often-ignored voice of reason.

Susan & Mary

Susan and Mary are the only 13-year-olds in the doctorate program at the Mega Institute of Technology. Always on the verge of a major scientific breakthrough, they use Johnny as a reliable guinea pig.

Bling-Bling Boy

Eugene Hamilton, AKA Bling-Bling Boy, is an evil genius. He'll stop at nothing to make Susan Test his girlfriend, even if it means destroying Porkbelly... as long as his Mom doesn't find out, that is!