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Kai (Fire Ninja)

Kai is the resident hothead. He's quick to act and even quicker to get himself into deep trouble. What else would you expect from the Ninja of Fire?

Cole (Earth Ninja)

As the team leader, Cole is steady, solid and dependable. He's mastered the art of Spinjitzu, and even conquered his fear of dragons.

Zane (Ice Ninja)

Cooler than cool, Zane is the Ninja of Ice. He may not have much of a sense of humor, but in battle, he has the slickest moves around.

Jay (Lightning Ninja)

Jay is the fast-talking comedian of the group. He relies on his quick wit, and eh... creative solutions to help save the team from danger.

Nya (Kai's Sister)

Nya refuses to let her brother have all the fun. She may not be a ninja, but Nya is armed with two fiery daggers... and she knows how to use them.

Sensei Wu

Having restored the balance between good and evil - at least for now - Sensei Wu's next challenge is to help the Ninja reach their full potential.

Lloyd Garmadon

Lloyd still has a lot to learn about being a ninja, but he knows that it's his destiny to face his father in the ultimate showdown for Ninjago!

Lord Garmadon

Sensei Wu's evil brother wields the power of destruction. He has a mysterious connection to the ancient race of Serpentines.