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Ben Tennyson

Ben may be the galaxy's greatest hero, but his new Omnitrix is just as unpredictable as ever. He's looking forward to being a solo superhero. Unfortunately, Grandpa Max has other plans.

Young Ben

At age 11, Ben realizes he has a duty to use the Omnitrix to stop evildoers, but that doesn't mean he's above a little superpowered mischief.

Rook Blonko

Ben's new partner was top of his class at the Plumber Academy, but he still has a lot to learn about being a hero. Rook's weapon of choice is his Proto-Tool.

Grandpa Max

Max Tennyson is a semi-retired Plumber with a taste for some seriously exotic foods.

Gwen Tennyson

Ben's cousin Gwen can create and control energy. But after years spent saving the world, Gwen has decided to quit being a hero, and head off to college.

Kevin Levin

Kevin's power allows him to absorb the properties of solid matter to make himself super strong and super tough. He's decided to take some time off and join Gwen on campus.

Khyber the Huntsman

Khyber is a ruthless and cunning hunter. He's brought down some of the most vicious quarry in the universe, and now he's set his sights on Ben!

Khyber's Dog

Khyber's pet is armed with the Nemetrix, allowing it to transform into the natural predators of Ben's Omnitrix aliens!


Feedback is an alien powerhouse, able to absorb energy and expel it back out as a forceful blast attack.


He can stretch, fold, bend, build, and shape-shift his block-like body into just about any form.


This Yeti-like alien can charge up and fire high-voltage bolts of electricity, which usually leaves his thick fur standing on end.


Gravattack is actually a small planet. He can control gravity, making objects as light as a feather, or heavier than a freight train!


Crashhopper's powerful hind legs allow him to blast off like a rocket. But his thunderous landings are the real danger. He'll crush whatever he lands on.


Ballweevil uses a sticky ball to collect random junk. When he's ready to attack, he kicks the debris ball, which explodes on contact. The bigger the ball, the bigger the boom!

Kickin' Hawk

Kickin' Hawk comes from an alien race that resembles giant roosters. He's an incredibly tough fighter with devastating kicks.

Four Arms

Whenever Ben needs to smash, throw or crush something, Four Arms is the hero of choice.


Heatblast is from an alien race called Pyronites. He can create fireballs with his hands or absorb heat to put a fire out.


Stinkfly is an amazingly acrobatic flyer. He can also hold his own in a fight, using his sharp tail and slime-shooting eyes as natural weapons.


His diamond hard body is nearly indestructible. Diamondhead can shape-shift, fire crystal shards and use his body to reflect energy beams.


With lightning-quick reflexes and the power to reach speeds of 500 mph, XLR8 is Ben's fastest alien.


Spidermonkey can stick to walls, shoot webs from his tail, and perform acrobatic stunts.


Armodrillo is like a living jackhammer. His powerful arms can drill through solid rock with ease.


When Ben transforms into this dinosaur-like alien, he has super strength, armor-like skin, and the ability to grow 60 feet tall.


Ampfibian is an extremely fast swimmer who can shock the enemy with powerful electricity blasts.


Astrodactyl's jetpack gives him superior speed and maneuverability, while his energy whips pack quite a punch.

Big Chill

Big Chill can phase through solid matter or turn invisible while attacking his enemies with chilling ice breath.


Cannonbolt can curl up within the thick armor on his back and become an unstoppable wrecking ball, launching himself at high speeds to cause massive damage.


Ditto can instantly clone himself until he's a virtual army of duplicates.


Eatle is a giant beetle-like alien who can eat and digest almost anything, turning the material into powerful energy blasts.


More than just a giant glob of goo, Goop is able to change the shape of his body at will, squeezing through tight spaces or morphing into powerful attacks.


Lodestar can generate and manipulate magnetic forces, giving him ultimate control over anything made of metal.


Nanomech can shrink down to a microscopic size and use his power of flight for mobility while attacking with charged energy bolts.


With a combination of super-strength and ferocious wrestling moves, Rath is one hot-tempered alien you don't want to mess with.


Snare-oh can use his super-strong bandages to attack or wrap up enemies from long range.


Terraspin is an enormous tortoise alien who can use his internal structure and fan-like appendages to fly or generate intense wind attacks.

Ultimate Humungousaur

Ultimate Humungousaur is a heavy hitter who can attack with super-strength punches or turn his hands into giant missile launchers.


A living machine with liquid metallic skin, Upgrade is a biomechanical alien who can merge with any technology and "upgrade" the device to make it more powerful.


Waterhazard can generate and control water, attacking with water blasts and protecting himself with an armored exoskeleton.


Wildmutt is a beastly alien with superhuman athletic ability and heightened senses of smell, hearing and taste to make up for his lack of sight.


Upchuck can use his four long, sticky tongues to grab and devour practically anything. Then he can fire the resulting energy out of his mouth with explosive force.



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